Watching College Football: CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK

The last week of the season should actually be great. Let me take you through it.

Well, the regular season's over, and I'm feeling all sorts of happysad. What's that, you ask? It's where you feel both happy and sad at once, like having a mini-existential crisis. What's an existential crisis, y - OK, OK, I'll stop. That's not the point.

The point is, I'm happy because there's a lot of really great football this weekend! It even starts a day early! Yay! I'm sad, though, because we've reached the end of the regular season. But don't fret! Watching College Football will continue at The Resurgent every week, as I look at what you should watch during bowl season.

Since it's Championship Week, we'll do things a bit differently, previewing the big championship game (or two!) in every timeslot, along with anything else mildly notable (there really isn't anything). There could be some College Football Playoff DRAMA though! Check out what could happen in my article from last Sunday, where I predicted every possible Playoff matchup based on the results of these championship tilts. As always, two caveats: if your team is playing then they go on the Big Screen, and all game times are God's Time (CST).


Nothing worthwhile on, including Utah vs. Washington (7p, FOX)! OH COME ON PAC-12 FANS, I WAS KIDDING. This game has no Playoff stakes at all, but could be a gigantic tire fire of offense. Winner gets a trip to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, where they’ll probably lose to the Buckeyes or the Nittany Lions.



Only one good game on, and it deserves all your attention. The Red River Rematch, Texas vs. Oklahoma (11a, ABC), is bound to be fantastic. By all rights it has to be: a better than expected Longhorn squad takes all the good mojo from the Week of Big Cow Memes and places it up against one of the best offenses and worst defenses in the country. And it has that extra spicy factor of RIVALRY HATE. This game should be a point-filled, glorious ending to the Big 12’s season.


Big Screen:Alabama vs. Georgia (3p, CBS) has actually already happened this year – in the National Championship game last January, in the same stadium where this game is being played. And you better bet Georgia wants to spoil the Tide’s good time and take home the SEC title. Now, all the pundits say that this is the game that causes MAXIMUM PLAYOFF CHAOS if Georgia wins. As I explained in my article above, I don’t think that’s true: in that situation, Bama still gets in over one-loss anyone else. Regardless, I could be wrong! I often am! And this game should still be a masterclass, so you should watch it!

Second Screen: Due to McKenzie Milton’s horrific and unfortunate injury, this game has fewer stakes now than it did previously. When Memphis vs. UCF (2:30p, ABC) happened earlier this year, the Golden Knights barely escaped with a victory in an offensive shootout fueled by Milton. Now without him, and needing a win to have any chance at the Playoff, things look bleak for UCF. If this game gets close, though, the finish could be incredible.


Big Screen: So there are two Power 5 championships going on this evening, but neither of them should be particularly fun to watch. Boise State vs. Fresno State (6:45p, ESPN), on the other hand, should be awesome. The Broncos’ potent offense goes up against the Bulldogs’ surprisingly stout defense, and the winner of that battle takes home the Mountain West championship and a pretty plum bowl slot.

Second Screen: Do I have to pick? Sigh. FIIIIIIIINE. Ohio State vs. Northwestern (7p, FOX) is the likelier of the two Power 5 championships in this timeslot to produce a competitive game, given that Clemson’s ACC championship opponent Pitt just lost to a decidedly meh Miami team. The Wildcats won 10 of their regular season games by 10 points or less, so if this stays close, they know what to do.


There’s actually nothing on! Time to speculate endlessly about the Playoff!

This Saturday follow me on Twitter here, where I'll tweet about all these games using #WatchingCFB. Feel free to chime in with your hottest football takes. And also watch out for another article, where I explain that moving to an 8-team Playoff is a great idea to fix college football, but there’s another (admittedly unlikely) possibility that might be more fun.