Value of Life

A discussion of the distinctive value of human life and the consequences of devaluing life.

It is sad that we live in a world where human life is treated as a cheap commodity. Secularist argue that human life indistinguishable from animals and in many cases should be treated the same.

Princeton University professor of “ethics” Peter Singer pushes the idea that parents or the state should be able to slaughter a child as a butcher does a pig up to the age of 10 if its determined that the child would be a drain on society.

Euthanasia policies in The Netherlands and other European states, and even some in the United States denigrate the value of a mentally or physically handicapped person.

Innocent babies are killed by the thousands in the name of privacy rights, women’s health, and a decreased burden on society. Or as CNN commentator and Cosmopolitan writer Jill Filipovic believes, that abortion increases sexual pleasure and independence. If you believe killing a child fulfills your desires or enhances sexual experience, then you are truly deviant at the least.

All life has value in the eyes of God our Creator. The manner in which God created mankind distinguishes between human and animal life. In Genesis 1 we have the initial historical account of creation. You may notice that when God creates animal life he does so by the spoken word. But, when God creates Adam he takes the steps of carefully molding him from the dust of the ground and then breathing into Adam’s nostril the very breath of God. In that man became an inspired being fashioned in the image of God.

Man is distinct, special, and different from all other lifeforms. There is danger in devaluing human life. When life has no value it can be destroyed on a whim or in carefully planned acts.

One can look no further than Devin Kelley entering a small local church and methodically murdering innocent worshipers without regard to the sanctity of life. We can ask and debate how a person gets to that place where such a horrendous act is planned and carried out, but when put into the perspective at large that life has no value it is easier to see how it could occur.

Murder of innocents is tolerated and even celebrated in this country. Hollywood and the music industry glorify violence apart from showing the consequence of decisions. Politicians go along with anything that gets them elected and checks flowing. Squishy so called pastors and preacher are even afraid to take a stand for life when given large opportunities.

Violence, murder, and persecution will only get worse. The Left has done a good job at knocking down pillars of our founding as a nation and society.

The Psalmist asks in chapter 11, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The answer is found in verse 1, “In the Lord put I my trust.”

The pillar of life has been crumbled and the consequence is devastating, but the Lord is still on his throne.

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Nathan, you have given us the bottom line! Excellent article which should sadden us but most of all, turn those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear to God for His answers!