Two wrongs don’t make a right, unless you’re Trump and the GOP

Trump and the GOP gave us the fake repeal of Obamacare and fake tax reform. Now they want to put both issues in one bill, creating one big in-name-only failure.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right” is a well-known English proverb which means it’s never right to wrong another, even if they wronged you first. However, another application of this old adage means you can never fix one mistake by committing another in an effort to cover the first one.

Apparently, "two wrongs don’t make a right" is a concept lost on Donald Trump and the GOP—another example of two wrongs—as the Senate prepares to release its version of TRINO (Tax Reform In Name Only).

Led by one of the poster children for term limits, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, the Senate bill contains many of the shell-game ideas contained in the House version, including higher income taxes on much of the middle class. But in true two-wrongs fashion, Trump and the GOP are adding another bad idea to tax reform—the repeal of the Obamacare mandate tax.

Having failed earlier this year in their attempt to pass Obamacare Repeal-In-Name-Only, Republicans in the Senate looking for a way to protect their cushy jobs want to add the Obamacare Mandate tax repeal to the already disastrous tax reform bill.

But wait a minute! We wanted the GOP to repeal Obamacare, right?

Yes, but this addendum doesn’t repeal Obamacare; it only eliminates the requirement to buy it. This smoke-and-mirrors addition to tax reform allows Obamacare to continue burdening taxpayers with sky-rocketing premiums while adding millions of people to the ranks of the uninsured. In other words, it fails bigly.

So, why are Trump and the GOP pushing this highly unpopular tax reform bill? MONEY! According to the Congressional Budget Office, repealing the mandate will save the government over $300 billion—money they can and will spend on other things, even though folks like Rand Paul claim that it will lower taxes even further.

While this is clearly the latest evidence of the long list of broken promises by Trump and the GOP, these in-name-only accomplishments will unfortunately give the GOP two so-called victories to take back home in time for the 2018 elections if they become law.

There’s another adage you’re probably familiar with: “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” Sounds like good advice as long as Trump, McConnell, and Ryan are running the show

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.

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I don't see this as a Trump problem, either. It has always been a GOP problem. Trump is an aside to the problems Congress refuses to correct. I don't understand the constant tone of Trump being the problem. I think some people just wish to re-write the election. It was much worse in 2008, wasn't it?


Let's put blame where it belongs. Failure to achieve repeal of the ACA is directly the fault of the establishment swamp creatures. Tax reform yet remains and now depends on the senate for passage. Trump does not legislate nor vote on legislation. Perhaps he can be faulted for not being more politically assertive with congress; but failure is totally on the house and senate.


I don't see this as a Trump problem, this is a GOP problem - as it has been for many years. Trump just came on board a year ago and I believe really does want to "fix Washington," but he surely can't do it alone and apparently he can't do it with any help from the GOP either because many of them, like yourself, have decided he isn't the one for them so they won't work with him to come up with real solutions. For 7 years under the O administration, the Republicans promised to repeal Ocare if we would just help them win a majority. We have given them the majority and now we have given them the executive branch and yet they still won't do what they promised. I am sick and tired of the RINOs running this party. Apparently they are NOT getting the message from the Republican voters who chose Mr Trump. Is he perfect? Not by a long shot but he is who we the voters chose and as a voter I will DEMAND that the GOP get off their high horses and get SOMETHING done in the tax reform arena. I don't just want something that is "for show" so they can win elections in 2018. We want something REAL!