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Trump lies for the third time about moving Embassy to Jerusalem

Despite repeated promises to the contrary, Trump just announced that he won’t be relocating the Embassy to Jerusalem

In March 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump gave a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), where he made this promise:

“We will move the American Embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.”

Some time after his AIPAC appearance, Trump was asked in a TV interview if he had a timeline for the embassy move. He simply stated that it would happen, “fairly quickly.”

Apparently, “fairly quickly” has a different meaning to “Israel’s biggest friend” than it does to the rest of the world because Trump just announced for the third time this year that he won’t be relocating the embassy to Jerusalem.

The first time Trump broke his promise of relocation happened just prior to his inauguration in January. The second time was in June, which followed a six-month period of anti-Israel policies reminiscent of Barack Obama and John Kerry.

Prior to each announcement, Trump set the washer on "spin" as he tried to give the American people the impression that he really was going to keep his promise to relocate the embassy.

Before yesterday’s announcement Mike Pence appeared at Queens Museum for a reenactment of the UN vote that established the Jewish state 70 years ago. In a speech, Pence told attendees that Trump was “actively considering the embassy move” which is politispeak for "We lied when we promised to move the embassy, but if we throw a bone to our loyal cult following by telling them we are actively considering it, we can stretch our lie indefinitely.

Pence also stated that under the Trump administration “America will always stand with Israel.” Apparently, we won’t be doing any of that standing in Jerusalem.

The hypocrisy in Trump’s repeated flip-flops is that he continues to claim his undying support for Israel while simultaneously caving to the demands of the Palestinians. For example, Trump claims that he can use the embassy relocation as leverage to force the Palestinians to the negotiation table, but then he justifies his decision not to relocate it by claiming that the move gives the terrorist organization a reason not to seek peace.

The bottom line is that Trump continues to lie about his intentions regarding Israel and the Middle East. Meanwhile, our strongest democratic ally in the region is left wondering if America can truly be counted on.

David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is nationally syndicated with Salem Radio Network and can be heard on stations across America.

Ha! Compared to Obama, I believe Israel is thrilled sh*tless to have Trump in office. It is possible that there are underlying reasons that candidate Trump did not know, but the President Trump now has to consider. Or, he lied. So far, I have not heard Israel crying foul. Perhaps there is more than we actually know about.

Trump tends to speak before he thinks he, then, he is stuck trying to deal with the mess he created. Sometimes this involves lying.

Donald Trump is an inveterate liar. This is one of the great realities which multitudes of my fellow conservatives and Christians simply don't think about and won't allow mentioned. He's lied his entire life, he lied with Hillary-like regularity during the campaign, he continues to lie as President of the United States.This allegation is not debatable -- there are oodles of written, audio and video records of our Chief Executive's habitual untruths. And "Well ... Hillary!" doesn't transform Donald Trump's duplicity into stellar integrity. Those who have properly condemned the Clintons -- and legions of other leftists -- for their dishonesty, and yet who cover for DT in those multitudinous and manifest instances of his are culpable of hypocrisy.

Kansasgirl444 - Compared to Obama? No offense, but that's a pretty low bar. Put simply, Trump lied or overpromised (which is also a lie). Your right about one thing, Trump didn't know what he was talking about. Not exactly a ringing endorsement in my opinion.

mtnavarre - So, are you defending his lying?

sjplwx - 100% right on!

This article and the responses have not aged well, have they?

BrentW - They've aged just fine. All Trump did today was acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital, which was already done in 1995. He made a vague commitment to relocate the embassy and already has talking points about how it could "take years" to get done. A nothing burger that feeds his base... that's all.