Trump Flips the G-6 One More Middle Finger For The Road

Passive-aggressiveness and petty treachery were the themes in Quebec this weekend.

No, that's not a typo in the headline. Yes, technically, it's still the G-7 because Trump hasn't officially withdrawn…

The thing is, Trump can never play the part of Thor, eyes aflame, clearing the field of battle with one mighty swing of Stormbreaker. Besides, he'd much rather pal up to Thanos himself, or in this instance, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jin-Ping, and the other dictators he seems to admire so much. They had their own gathering over the weekend in Qingdao, China, dubbed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization - kind of a Legion of Doom to counter the G-7's Justice League - and it went far smoother and more cordially and coherently than the Battle of Quebec: