To Some Trump Is Wrong Even When He’s Right

After a year, it's time to put our bias aside and offer honest perfomance appraisals without qualifiers or apologies.

I was originally drawn to sites like RedState and the Resurgent because of the conservative commentary and support of candidates like Ted Cruz. Lately, however, I’m left scratching my head.

Can President Trump ever do anything right?

Even when he accomplishes something significant, most of the commentary seems to go out of its way to hedge its praise by attaching qualifiers. Trump did “x”, but…

Since this is not my site, I’ll leave it to the individual reader to find the articles I’m referencing.

Is it conviction that Trump is principally flawed or fear that he may be more conservative than originally perceived that’s driving the commentary? What happens to never-Trump if he succeeds, especially if his successes are in line with conservative values?

Isn’t it possible to hold to a certain set of convictions (i.e. Ted Cruz would have been an exceptionally principled president), yet still support President Trump when he’s right, despite his flaws (we all have flaws), and without having to couch every comment with an apology?

At the same time, isn’t it possible to be a Trump supporter and still admit when he’s wrong?

We should never be so ideologically driven that our own judgment of right and wrong becomes tainted.

When there is proven bias within our government (i.e. Comey, McCabe, Strzok), especially within an institution like the FBI that’s supposed to be apolitical, it is incumbent upon the president to take corrective action like any responsible CEO. That includes firing Mueller and dismantling the special prosecutor investigation.

President Trump is not destroying an entire institution by Tweeting about its lack of moral integrity. He’s simply pointing out the obvious. More to the point, he may not be doing enough to affect real change out of fear of perception due to bogus ongoing investigations into Russian collusion.

He already received tremendous blow-back by firing Comey. I suspect he’s Tweeting about the defects he sees in the FBI so people won’t be surprised when action is finally taken. When it is, I’m sure he’ll be pilloried by both sides, even though he is right and justified in recommending action being taken.

Let’s be honest, despite personalities. Based on recent reports, it appears the FBI needs a thorough housecleaning.

Since we’re being honest, there is nothing wrong with admitting tax reform was necessary, and although it may not have met every conservative ideal, it is a step in the right direction and certainly better than doing nothing.

It’s just my opinion that it really is OK for those who supported Ted Cruz to offer President Trump praise where praise is due. I doubt anyone will think less of you. In fact, people may actually hold deeper respect for your lack of bias.

Let's give our president the support he needs to effectively govern whether he was our ideal candidate or not...

Then, when President Trump does something that is genuinely wrong, not just ideologically soft, readers may be more receptive when time is taken to point it out.

Those are my thoughts. What say you?

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@azmgeb and @MarkBerwind - Thanks for the feedback! Unbiased reporting would certainly be a welcomed reprieve from the garbage that's peddled today.


Well said, Dave. I end up at one of those sites, continually correcting what someone has put into an article, about something the writer merely wants to be the case, because they read some leftist piece of trash and decided to memorialize it. There should have been an end to this anti Trump sentiment, from Republicans, on November 8, 2016. The severity of the anti Trump sentiment, within the Republican Party is apparent at one or two sites, and it serves no purpose, and is irrational. It was a dirty campaign season, and that appears to be all it was. His behavior has been much more conservative than I ever expected, and that is all that matters. We vote people into office to do the task, not judge them on their personality, or campaign antics. I was one of those Cruz supporters, during the primary season, but I just have to live long enough to wait for the day to vote for him. Big deal! I have a solution, that works for me, about the media constantly lambasting everything Trump does. I just don't watch it. I have ROKU at home, and I watch the news after it is a video clip. I refuse to give the media credit.


It's time for Americans to take off their sight and ear blinders and look at the whole picture. President Trump is working for America not just Republicans. The media is not giving Americans unbiased information needed to see the WHOLE picture. President Trump would not have to tweet if the media was doing it's job. Webster's Dictionary definition of journalism: b : writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.