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This is one of those days I am reminded that we could have President Cruz right now. A solid Christian conservative who also possesses a tremendous amount of political cajones. Oh, and doesn't run his mouth like schoolyard cheerleader.

I agree. But maybe America doesn't have President Cruz because we don't deserve him right now? Maybe a populist President with no filter is exactly what America deserves right now.


I think about the opportunity that Ted Cruz could be, as President, but, like CPfeiffer said, maybe it just isn't the time for him. The President we have may be serving a purpose we don't yet understand, and I think he is doing well in his role, in cleaning up a filthy town, and everything else he has accomplished. People can get over the Twitter thing, and the personality traits he has, but that is dwarfed by his surprising shift from campaign to being a very conservative President. He still has problems, but his role as President is improving as days go by, better so that several Republican presidents Ted Cruz will, once again, make his case, and we'll make it as a country to see that.

My friends and I have talked about this quite a bit, and we are tending to think that, as much as we like Cruz and desperately wanted him to be president, this might be the time for a Trump. I read an article that described him as an "icebreaker"----the ship, not socially skilled. And he is slamming through a lot of the impediments to getting things done in Washington. I may not like his personality and find a lot of his statements cringeworthy but I also think that after four years, and possibly eight, the government will be smaller and more efficient and less vulnerable to the hysterics and propaganda of the Left. He is calling out the blatant bias of most of the media and the hair-on-fire reactions, while appealing to the entrenched Trump haters, are so over the top they are counterproductive in the long run. The Left has already threatened us with Armageddon and the extinction of the entire human race due to Trump's presidency----they can't have much left in their arsenal other than to call him crazy, and that's not very convincing coming from people who screech that he is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. We might have needed Trump's unique combination of political deftness and bull-in-the-china-shop bluster, to blast some of the big problems out of the way and pave it for more refined presidents to follow.