The Trouble With Christians Who Say, “I’m against abortion, but I'm pro-choice."

We are obligated to fight for those who cannot defend themselves. Abortion kills those who absolutely cannot.

Abortion to devout Christians is the murder of an unborn child. From the moment of conception, a soul is born and…

To the Christians that proclaim that abortion is wrong but ultimately decide that it should be left up to the mother, would you state that murder should be legal or up to the perpetrator with disregard to the victim? In the eyes of our Lord, abortion is the same as murder. The ending of a life. No believer would ever advocate for a mother to have the option to kill her three-month-old baby merely because the baby was born into poverty. Each life is a gift from God. Not every child will be born into the most ideal of circumstances, but each child is still a blessing from the Lord in disguise. Mother Mary did not have the immaculate conception in the most ideal of circumstances. Her husband Joseph could have easily have abandoned her to be all on her own. They were not a family of riches. However, from the moment our Lord was given unto the world, Mary and Elizabeth rejoiced for the coming of the Savior. Imagine living close to Mary at that time and heard that she was having doubts to keep that baby (assuming she had not told you He was Emmanuel). If you had told her that you would respect her choice and let her terminate that pregnancy, you would have advocated for the murder of our Lord and Savior. Some might say this is an extreme case and that of course they would not advocate for the murder of our Lord and Savior. However, we never know what will come of the life of a child. The value of life is also not determined by what they end up producing as well. We do know that the Lord help cured the weak and said that the way we treat the least of these is the way we treat him himself. Each time we let an abortion occur, we are striking the nails deeper into the Cross.