The Resurgent Gathering in Austin, TX: US Congressman Jody Hice

Erick Erickson sat down with US Congressman Jody Hice at the Resurgent Gathering

At the Resurgent Gathering, US Congressman Jody Hice sat down with Erick Erickson to discuss various topics in front of an engaged audience. Summary points follow:

Mr. Hice thanked the attendees for being at the Gathering, and providing support for the conservative cause.

Point 1: How does Mr. Hice balance the differences between conservatism vs republican? Mr. Hice indicated that the problem is not so much a distinct difference between conservatives and republicans. The main issue is when people run as republicans and arrive in Washington DC, the majority of time these people do not stand on those principles that got them elected in the first place. Mr. Hice recommends a vetting, pressure-test process to ensure those announcing to run on a conservative platform stay true to the conservatism. This is up to all of us, locally, as well as nationally. “All politics at the end of the day is local.”

Point 2: Mr. Hice was a pastor for 25 years, and his introduction into politics arose from the Johnson Amendment and the ACLU wanting to remove the 10 commandments from public buildings. He was one of 33 pastors who challenged the IRS, specifically by allocating a Sunday sermon to the first amendment via providing his support for a candidate. He made his statement public, and sent to the IRS. This was done in collaboration with the other 32 pastors, and the result create Freedom Sunday. Mr. Hice supports ‘Do not waive your right to the 1st Amendment just because you are in church.’ “Live faith out loud.”

Point 3: The situation with the Houston mayor, demanding pastors’ hand over their sermons, lead to a discussion on the anti-religious sentiment that has flamed in our country. Mr. Hice notes, we “would not have this country without religious leaders.” The government in its current form is forcing secularism, and there is a distinct attempt to silence those with faith. Essentially, there is a push to leave your faith except for church on Sunday. One consequence of this illogical stance results in evangelicals for Trump. As a pastor, Mr. Hice is adamant about the spiritual awakening that is needed in our country, most certainly true. He has prayed to God for guidance during votes, for those aspects that are counter to the foundation of the country. His toughest vote was supporting Boehner on the floor, when in conference he was one of three that voted against. To this day, an uncomfortable decision.

Point 4: As part of the Freedom Caucus, Mr. Hice reminds us that the goal is to bring the country back to its solid foundation, not for accolades. He knows the Freedom Caucus exists to have a voice for millions, does not get any credit for the positives, and, of course, all the grief and blame for any negatives.

Point 5: Mr. Hice stated his full support for Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House. He runs on a conservative platform, supporting our country.

Lastly, Mr. Hice agreed with Erick that there is no longer a traditional balance among the three branches of government. Congress must get their part of the power back, meaning stronger people must be elected who are not afraid to take the tough votes.

Overall, Mr. Hice reminds us the swamp is deeper, wider, and uglier than imagined. This must be corrected, and only with more from the Freedom Caucus and those aligned. Faith is most important.

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