@Jonah_Kyle I think the timing has more to do with a nationally covered special election Senate race and Roy Moore becoming more of a national figure than just political hits. In other words, if this were an in-cycle election and not a special election it's hard to know if WaPo would have devoted the resources to dig out the information.

Also, while members of the media may be politically liberal or conservative, the main color of the media as a business isn't red or blue. It's green. Since this was an off year, the Post had resources to spend on this race. Also, Roy Moore has been in the news quite a bit for earlier actions. Above all that you have the hypocrisy factor. A guy who sniffed after young "women" is one thing. A guy who did that and also wraps himself in the Ten Commandments and the Bible is something different and juicier.

etbass at red state described this situation in more detail. I think this is more than war against Alabama. That is the current battleground. The battle is the established powerful looking out for themselves's and ruling over the rest versus those that want the country to continue for free people in a free country that the government serves.

Steve. You say that Alabama is at war with the rest of the country. I agree with that. Why wouldn't they feel that way? The rest of the country is being used by the media and Democrats to get rid of Moore, and Alabama doesn't seem to agree with all the people claiming there is evidence Moore is what his accusers say, when there is nothing that comes close to evidence. There is a struggle within the Republican Party to claim ownership, which won't end well for the party, or the country. To Badmoon. etbass is an Alabamian and is well aware of his state's politics. He knows what is going on, better than most, I think.


I'm concerned that too many on this site are determined to hang Roy Moore on no conclusive evidence. Have you bothered to read the glowing character references of the 12 women this week who have worked, some of them closely, one of them a 16-year-old at the time, over the past 30 years and more with Roy Moore and affirm he treated them unfailingly with kindness and respect. Several said they would trust him with their lives. There was a rally of women in support of Moore at the Alabama State Capitol, led by upstanding and influential women. Allred is refusing to have the notorious yearbook examined by handwriting experts, which could quickly prove at least that particular accusation. This is a professional hit job. Also, a genuine pedophile would have continued this behavior. His behavior through the years has been nothing but exemplary. The holier than thou condemners of Judge Moore should check their Christian credentials to see if they should rather be defending their Christian brother.


There is a very good chance the "yearbook signature" is a fake taken from a legal document signed by Moore's legal assistant because of the initials following his name. Gloria Allred on the case should also be another a Red Flag. I wonder if there will be enough eggs to cover the faces of the stone casting accusers when this collapses like the Trump "Dossier"?

Good question, GenEarly.

@GenEarly so the signature is lifted but missing the "S"?

@Steve Berman believe what you will, Steve. This is a he said- she said, and you may keep your opinion by all means, but I'll bet you will need to buy some eggs for your face .

The article's writer stated that, "The Founders would not have been pleased with him..." Which founders would those be? Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and our constitution, were Clergy - ministers of Cristian churches. The separation of church and state provision was not an "Anti-Christian," secularization of government clause. If you knew your history, you'd know that many came to America to escape religious persecution: (e.g., Or, have you never heard of why England's Queen Mary was known as "Bloody Mary"?) The separation clause was not to keep Christian values, people, or principals out of Government but to keep denominationalism out of it - Government was not to become an arm of the Roman Catholic Church, or the Methodist, Puritan, Presbyterian, Baptist, or any other Christian denomination or other religious sect. That is why, when Congress met for deliberations, they had ministers from ALL Christian denominations to offer prayers prior to beginning their official congressional duties. No Christian denomination, no matter how great or small, could have a monopoly on government control or influence. The article's writer should learn history primarily from original source works, instead of relying on secularized, progressive, anti-Christian public school history books.