The Flaker

Jeff Flake showed Arizona why he is not running for re-election and we are happy.

Have you ever been told to think before you speak and say something stupid, well Senator Jeff Fake (RINO-AZ) either was never taught it or forgot it. This is what he said, " I would literally — if I were in Alabama — I would run to the polling place to vote for the Democrat." Listen, I get it, you believe the women over Roy Moore, fine, I won´t argue. I still demand solid evidence not just a bunch of words because anyone can say anything these days. However, if you want to persecute the Judge and demand that he step down fine, go ahead. But when you come out saying that you would vote Democrat then you had better just sit down and shut up.

Now keep in mind this is the same Jeff Flake who ran as a Tea Party guy back in 2012. Well since his Tea Party days we all wonder were his conservative principles went to. Maybe he relates to these women in that he lied about what he stood for (assuming the women are lying). One way or the other the Tea Partier is now the RINO, and has been for sometime. He was going to fight against Obama and his administration. However, we have heard of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and their stand in the Senate and all that time Jeff Flake was not heard defending conservative principles. The Tea Party was all about replacing the establishment and fighting against them and what does Flake do? He joins the establishment.

Jeff Flake knows this and that is why, as he is leaving office, he is giving the middle finger to those conservatives in Arizona who voted for him. Because he knows that if he were to run again he would not win because the conservative Republicans would leave him hanging. And, as the ultimate act of defiance, he tells conservatives and Republicans in Alabama that the best they can do is vote Democrat because of some baseless (up to this point) accusations. Mr. Fake, we are glad you are leaving the Swamp through the Trump Drains.

That is why today we do NOT have real leaders in Washington. To many of them are fakes. They say one thing to get there and then have NO moral values to do the job they were elected to do by those of us that voted for them. In CO today, we have a declared Demo. and one that just is a half but ran as a Rep. for our two senators.

Glad to see him go! McCain needs to be next!

Yes qualityguy, I agree with you on that.

Run to vote for Jones, who in a statement said - "I also support Planned Parenthood because they provide cancer screening, breast exams, contraceptives, prenatal care, and other vital, sometimes life-saving, services to hundreds of thousands of women. These are my beliefs."

Until the Democrat party abandons their unholy obsession with the killing of unborn children there is no Democrat worth voting for - eventually they have to bow to the throne of Abortion.

Flake is a spineless dolt.

If I was on Moore's campaign team, I would consider sending Flakey a big bottle of expensive cognac for that endorsement. I would run ads from here to election day that the GOP-E are democrats in all but name with that idiocy as the centerpiece.

Hey your own Erick Erickson is trying to get everyone to not vote for Roy Moore. That is tantamount to ushering in a Democrat. Erickson like all those others fighting their way onto the anti-Moore bandwagon, don't seem to be interested in Moore's right to "innocent until proven guilty". Certainly, the women who are coming out of the woodwork after all these years, are, to say the least, a bit suspect. But Erickson, like all these other self-righteous Conservatives who flaunt their Christian virtues, are willing to "casteth the first stone" at a fellow Conservative.

Jeff Flake ends up appearing to have less character and ideology than the President, you know? That guy who will always be the pariah in many people's eyes? At least Tennessee is getting rid of one just like him, only shorter. That's two "Swamp Creatures" out of the way. If only they would leave immediately... If a McCain and some gals from the north would magically disappear, Congress wouldn't seem so constipated.