The Artifice Of The Mythical Deals

Exiting bad deals is fine, but why maintain the fiction that good deals are possible?

Maybe it's just my advancing age, but I don't have the patience I used to have, and I never had a great deal of patience…

By far the greatest diplomat and negotiator of all time was Germany's first chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck. The Prussian aristocrat was the ultimate practitioner of realpolitik. He had realistic goals and expectations, he knew those of his opponents, and as a result he was able to completely neutralize the Second Reich's enemies (Britain, France, Russia) in a serious of mutually reinforcing treaties that split them from each other by exploiting the points where their respective interests diverged. He divided and conquered the nations that threatened the new German state at the negotiating table without firing so much as a baleful glare, much less a shot in anger.