Seriously, liberals? You're going to be this petty?

There are a lot of legitimate complaints you could make about Trump. The Christmas decorations shouldn't be one of them.

Seriously, it's like some people wake up in the morning LOOKING for an excuse to be outraged. I'm sure part of this is the ongoing "War on Christmas." But most of it is just hatred of Trump.

I'm definitely not the president's biggest fan (hence my moniker.) And you don't have to be a liberal to have genuine policy differences with him. But when you have to stoop to overwrought descriptions of the White House Christmas decorations, you might want to seek therapy. Or, as I told a liberal friend of mine "Quit being petty."

Yeah, maybe this shot isn't the most festive holiday display you're going to see this year. In fact, the shadows make it downright creepy. But to devote a whole post to that one picture with the declaration that "The White House Christmas decorations are terrifying, which feels exactly right" is just silly. (

But not to be outdone, the WaPo has to reference Trump's promise to have everyone saying Merry Christmas again and do an in depth analysis of the books making up the book tree ( Gee, I don't know. Maybe they were chosen because they're GREEN?

What is it about Christmas that brings out such ugliness on both sides? Why do liberals have to suck the joy out of every little thing? And why do conservatives have to take personal objection at the attempt to be inclusive with the word "holiday?"

If you want to see some nice shots of the White House decked out for Christmas, check out this link:

Personally, I think the decorators did a nice job. I still miss the Barney-cam though.

No. 1-3

In the days since I wrote this, the picture above has launched 1000 memes from liberals about how "creepy" it is. Just from this one photo.


That is a beautiful wintery night scene accented with lights, corralling the Christmas tree. What's not to like? I think the media has gone way overboard trying to fault the First Lady, when she has been doing a fantastic job. I didn't expect anything great from this administration. When you start out with low expectations, everything begins to come into better focus.


welp, it's as I always say... people are idiots, until they prove otherwise...