Russian Subversion Of The American Right Long Precedes Donald Trump

But curiously, it never gained any traction until Trump came along.

Long time political observers remember President George W. Bush's infamous 2001 comment about having "looked into…

One would think that that would settle the question of whether Czar Vlad was a friend or an enemy to the U.S. firmly in the latter category. Certainly Mitt Romney thought and said so during the 2012 presidential campaign when he accurately declared Russia to be "without question our number one geopolitical foe". Back in those days, which seem a lot more distant than they really are, it was Barack Obama and liberal Democrats who laughed at such hardheaded realism, the former lampooning Romney in the same debate by cracking that "the 1980s are calling, and they'd like their foreign policy back" (neglecting to add that that foreign policy had been <1> successful and <2> Democrats had opposed it). It was Barack Obama who played footsie with and cozied up to the Kremlin, as when he whispered to Dmitri Medvedev, Putin's second in command, too close to a hot mic that, “I'll have more flexibility....after the 2012 election." It was Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State who helped broker the Uranium One deal that turned over a fifth of American uranium to Moscow.