Parkland anti-gun activist David Hogg trashes fellow schoolmates

Posting under a pseudonym on Reddit, Hogg complained about his classmates and the state of Florida.

In the aftermath of the Valentine's Day school shooting at Parkland High School, liberal student David Hogg has been such a constant presence on television whenever gun control is discussed that one would think he is speaking for the entire school. But despite his newfound public figure status, media figures have failed to unveil his contemptuous views towards his fellow students.

Hogg is on Reddit under the pseudonym "davisgreen111." He posted a video on YouTube last year showing a lifeguard harassing his friend placing a surfboard on a trashcan. Hogg then shared this video under davisgreen111 and gave out his real name after another user asked who posted it. A closer look at his Reddit page reveals that he moved to Florida from California about three years ago and his dad is a retired FBI agent.

While most of his posts are innocuous, there are a few exceptions. Under the thread titled "What is your biggest regret" Hogg replied that his was "moving to Florida." He added "I moved in the middle of Freshman year in HS and have 3 friends out here 90% of people at my HS are liers (sic) that cannot be trusted and only look out for themselves and the people are so mean and unfreindly (sic) its super depressing." In another Reddit post called “What piece of advice did you not follow but wish you did?” Hogg answered “Trust no bitch.”

Imagine for a moment if a conservative student like Kyle Kashuv was caught making insulting comments about his fellow students and women. He would be subject to wall to wall coverage and forced to submit a public apology. There is also a possibility major colleges around the country would refuse to admit him. But there is little chance a media darling like Hogg will face such consequences.