Our self-appointed evangelical leaders are all over the case if a cop is acquitted in the shooting of a black man, quick with the "silence-in-the-face-of-injustice-is-sin" pieties. "How am I going to explain this to my children?" "How am I going to preach about this on Sunday?" Now, in the Steinle case in San Francisco, a shocking injustice, we have radio silence. This is one of many examples that demonstrates that their concern for justice is selective and rears its head when it fits the narrative and ticks the right PC boxes.

Those evangelical "Self appointed" ones, especially, are also the problem with the alabama senate race. They did the same thing with accepting the accuser, and executing the accusee in the media, and on these forums. I will be very relived to see the day when justice takes the front seat in the minds of everyone, and the demise of the gossip-minded who try, convict and execute those who have been falsely accused of anything, not just sexual harassment, rape or murder. The Ninth Commandment say to not bear false witness. People should brush up on those Ten Commandments, rather than use the Bible as a tool to rationalize away their political beliefs, instead. I learn every day, more about how the bible uses very strict verbiage, and it is important to respect those words, not to use them against an otherwise honest person who just may have been falsely accused. In the case of the homeless man who shot Kate Steinle, that trial was a mockery of justice, and should be a lesson to those that there are evil people, not the homeless guy, who admitted to the shooting, but the people who twisted and perverted justice.