On Roy Moore and Senator Franken........

The rationale for asking Roy Moore to step away.

I am writing this not as a public official or someone that even likes the Republican Party most of the time, but as a Conservative Christian that votes republican an overwhelming majority of the time.

When the accusations first came out about Roy Moore, I kept my powder dry. After all, mere accusations should not be enough to ruin a man’s career and sully his reputation. I was initially skeptical of the accusations for the same reasons that many others were:

  • Anybody can make an accusation
  • The timing this close to the election was way to convenient
  • Nothing came out over the last 40 years of this man’s public life

After this I listened to the Sean Hannity interview. That interview cemented in my mind that Roy Moore was a bit of a creeper in his thirties, but I still wasn’t sure about all of the accusations. He all but admitted to going out with 18 year old girls when he was thirty two. While this isn’t illegal in Alabama, where the age of consent is apparently 16, it is completely icky, to use a technical term.

As for the accusation of misconduct with then 14 year old Leigh Corfman, it sickened me. If this was true, then Roy Moore needed to go away immediately. Unfortunately, there is no proof and there was no actual proof coming out any time soon. I had an uneasy feeling, but was not quite ready to condemn in the absence of proof.

When the second wave came out it was even more suspicious just because Gloria Allred was involved. You rarely see a demagogue more full of bullpuckey than Gloria Allred. There might even be some inconsistencies with the story of the accuser, according to the lawyers for Roy Moore. It was all very confusing with the whole yearbook, former divorce case, signatures, and of course the presence of Gloria Allred.

Now there are even more women coming out to say that Roy Moore grabbed their butt, said creepy things, and otherwise acted inappropriately with them. I think I have finally reached the tipping point.

To Judge Moore, I don’t know if the allegations of criminal behavior are true and there will probably never be proof one way or the other. I don’t care. Your continued candidacy is sullying the reputation of Christians and conservatives everywhere. It would probably be best for you to go away at this point.

It is quite clear that at one point in your life you had a penchant for girls much younger than yourself and that is, for lack of a better word, creepy.

As for Senator Franken. There is proof of your misdeeds and you should be ashamed. I knew you were a bully because of your past behavior, but this is icing on the cake. I know that your victim is not pressing charges for what amounts to assault, but know that this does not speak well of you character.

The voters of Alabama and Minnesota will eventually be the deciding factor in both of these cases, but I would like to see our government purged of these miscreants/alleged miscreants.

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As a Conservative Christian I am in complete agreement with what you wrote and feel exactly the same way.