Of course the Washington Post put a hit on Roy Moore. So, what's your point?

Of course the Washington Post put a hit on Roy Moore. So, what's your point?

I've noticed that some of my friends are making the case on social media that we should ignore these charges against Roy Moore because the liberal Washington Post clearly put a hit out on him. Well, yeah. Of course they did. That's what these liberal media outlets LIVE for: to take out Republicans. If you're running for public office, know that you have a big bull's eye on your back and that someone will be sifting through every aspect of your life trying to dig up dirt.

It's not like Roy Moore is the first Republican targeted. The media has investigated others as well.

The same Washington Post did a hard-hitting investigation showing that Rick Perry's family owned some land with a rock that had a racial epithet written on it.

They found out that Mitt Romney is REALLY RICH. He bullied a kid in high school. And that he once laid off a guy whose wife later died of cancer.

They discovered Ted Cruz's wife worked for Goldman Sachs.

And in an absolutely explosive investigation, they uncovered 17 traffic violations that Senator Marco Rubio and his wife had amassed in a mere 20 years. He also borrowed a lot of money to go to law school. And bought a boat.

It's amazing that these men can still show their faces in public.

They were so desperate to hang something on George W Bush that they used obviously faked evidence to accuse a sitting president of shirking his National Guard service.

So, why would anybody be surprised that the WaPo sent reporters to Alabama to dig up dirt on Moore? Apparently, these rumors had circulated for years. A former co-worker from the DA's office described Moore's penchant for dating teenagers as "an open secret." Local reporters had chased the story before, but were unable to verify it. Maybe the Post has better reporters. Maybe this deluge of sexual harassment/abuse/rape stories that have come out in recent months gave the victims the courage to speak. The story shows extreme credibility. Multiple sources, all with similar stories. All who have friends or family that corroborate the victims told them about what happened to them at the time. Breitbart set out to discredit these accusations but only ended up strengthening their credibility.

I'm not a resident of Alabama, so I won't have to make a decision on voting for Roy Moore. I understand that it will be excruciating for many Republicans: do you vote for someone whose actions you find repugnant (perhaps even criminal) or do you risk the balance of the Supreme Court? Of course, this all could have been avoided if the establishment hadn't backed a candidate who was appointed to office by a governor that had to resign due to his own sex scandal and the Bannon wing of the party hadn't backed a judge who had been removed from the bench - twice. How sad for conservatives that their candidate finished 3rd behind these other 2 yokels.

There's an old saying that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you. Well, just because they're out to get you doesn't mean you're not guilty. That should be a warning to all Republicans.

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I don't live in Alabama but I was still a supporter of Moe Brooks, the 3rd place finished in the Republican primary for Senate. If he had won we wouldn't be in this mess. The voters of Alabama made this mess and now the entire Republican party will pay the price.


You managed to omit that the first accuser worked for Hillary and Biden at one time. That the Wapo reporter was guilty of check fraud and at least one source was offered money by a reporter to charge Moore with sexual harassment. Timing is everything.