Now that we are in the midst of an unprecedented spate of sexual assault revelations, in Hollywood, politics, and elsewhere, can we expect to see a serious rethink of the modern feminist movement? If not a rethink, perhaps an acknowledgment of the destructive contradiction at the heart of modern feminism? Feminists demand that we take sex less seriously but sexual assault more seriously. They reserve the right to treat their own bodies as play toys, but demand that others treat them as temples. They mock and deride the practices of men like Mike Pence as puritanical and paternalistic and seek through universal contraception, abortion on demand, whimsical sex education to make sex more and more consequence free. Is it not now clear that a casual attitude to sex engenders a casual attitude towards sexual assault and deviancy? Or that it is difficult to demand that others respect you when you don't respect yourself? Of course there will always be hypocrisy of the sort exemplified (if the allegations are true) by Roy Moore. But would the problem be as widespread as it appears to be if, rather than viewing sex as a meaningless recreational activity, we continued to view it as something special, protected, circumscribed, deeply meaningful, rich in consequences, and beautiful?

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Steve Berman
Steve Berman


In short, modern feminists look at men as nothing but penises that should (but don't) have an off switch. I think some of them would be Jeffrey Dahmer, turning their men into zombies and eating them if the operation fails. Modern feminism, minus the "intersectional" social justice garbage--is a sexist position at complete odds with the human condition and biology.