Newt Gingrich defends Al Franken

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” Up is down, night is day, cats and dogs living together.

Apparently, we are now living on Earth X or one of those other bizarro alternative DC universes. It all LOOKS the same but is still completely different.

Now stalwart defender of the faith Newt Gingrich has gone on Laura Ingraham (Fox News resident Trump apologette) and DEFENDED Al Franken.

“As I understand it, that occurred two years ago when he was a comedian. Al Franken was a comedian. Comedians often do weird things. He was in the entertainment business. He was doing the kind of things people in the entertainment business do.” Ingraham chimed in that it seemed like "minor stuff" to her.

Of course, this really isn't that surprising coming from 2 people who sang the praises of a man caught on video tape bragging about "grabbing them by the pussy." And Gingrich himself is notorious for his own chaotic sex life, having cheated on wife #1 with future wife #2, who he then cheated on with future wife #3 (while leading impeachment charges against Bill Clinton.)

Back on Earth One, the same Newt Gingrich once condemned old Slick Willy over his behavior stating “Around the world today, the institution of the presidency has been degraded to the point that it is viewed as the rough equivalent of the Jerry Springer show -- a level of disrespect and decadence that should appall every American.”

But hey, that was then and this is now. Now we've got a lunatic president to defend and a pedophile to elect if we want to protect our slim Senate majority so that we can remain the party of family values. And the Democrats have finally forced a liberal Democrat to resign over charges of sexual harassment.

If I wake up tomorrow to find out that the sky is green and the world's coffee crop was wiped out by blight, I will not be surprised.