More H-1B visas are not the answer. Ask any actual American who works in IT. Most of these visas are bought up by 'consulting' companies, and billion dollar west coast tech firms. There is a reason why they are so behind the H-1B visa program. They use it to replace competent American workers. I have worked with many a third world 'engineer' recipient from (insert third world engineering mill school here) and people who stayed in America long enough on a student visa to get a 'phd' in (insert any non IT related American degree here), until they could get hired on in IT through one of these programs. Both varieties have been just as inept as any American entry level intern would be. I would rather train the entry level American intern who came from a background in any field, than one of these people. The reason why they don't want the American is because in a couple of years the American can ask for a higher salary and has more career mobility. The H-1B is here short term, has no path for citizenship and will take half the salary to stay in the country. It is simply not true that American students do not have these skills, or cannot learn them. The H-1B's are being taught on the job anyway. You are wrong on this. I'm pretty sure eliminating the H-1B was one of the things that Trump ran on. You do not need a phd in physics, or microbiology, or even a degree to learn one of these IT jobs, and tech firms and the west coast know this. There are many people who have just worked their way up (I've met some with a GED) making well over 100k, just because they were dedicated to learning the field. If actually offered the opportunity to train, many people would probably like it, but that will never happen as long as they can fill these jobs with an EQUALLY UNQUALIFIED H-1B person. We need to start training our fellow Americans for these jobs. If companies REALLY need these people they should hire them the old fashioned way. Then they would be sponsored by a company and after a couple of years can apply for residency and citizenship. After that they are free agents and ask for any salary they want, just like any other American could. This is exactly what the H-1B was designed to prevent.