More Fire, More Fury

"Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany" helped by Wolff's "Fire and Fury: Inside the White House."

If you can’t have a best-selling book in your own right, perhaps the next-best thing is to be the author of a book with the same title as a best-selling book.

Canadian author Randall Hansen hit the jackpot when journalist Michael Wolff released his new best-seller entitled “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.” You see, Hansen wrote a book about WWII a decade ago entitled “Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany.” Due to the publicity surrounding Wolff’s “Fire and Fury,” Hansen is also seeing increased sales of his “Fire and Fury.”

This could be due to people mistaking the two books, although that is unlikely given the vastly different subject matter, although Hansen himself has made some connections between the two topics.

More likely, though, people are searching for “Fire and Fury” at online booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and Hansen's “Fire and Fury” shows up in search results next to Wolff's book; people who are interested in WWII history are then likely purchasing it. It can be hard to find new books to read, particularly with online searches, so anytime a book pops up high in search results it is likely to get some new readers. Indeed, a quick check shows that Hansen’s book is the second entry in the search results on Amazon for "Fire and Fury," right after Wolff’s book.

Which book is the better one is up to the reader to decide.

(Image: Randall Hansen. By Mykola Swarnyk - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, ).