Moore's Loss Is Not a Time to Celebrate

Many establishment and anti-Trump Republicans are celebrating this morning.

Last night Roy more lost the special election for Senate in Alabama. This morning many of the establishment and anti-Trump Republicans are celebrating, pounding their chests and using his loss to attack conservatives and populists. Before the celebrations and the attacks begin it is helpful to look at how we got to Moore being the candidate in the first place.

A corrupt governor appointed a corrupt politician who was supposed to investigate him to be the interim Senator from Alabama. Senator Luther Strange was an establishment yes man who was going along to get along and not at all what the Republican voter wanted to have as a Senator. Senate Majority Leader McConnell wanting his hand picked guy to win spent 30 million dollars to destroy a viable conservative by the name of Mo Brooks.

When it appeared that Moore was the only chance to defeat McConnell the populists like Bannon jumped in to support him. They were not helping Moore so much as they were looking to capitalize on his momentum to take out the guy that the conservatives and populists hate. Bannon and other populists would have supported Mo Brooks had he appeared to be doing better in the polls, but the 30 million dollars spent by McConnell and his donor class made sure they destroyed Brook's chances to win.

So this morning we have a majority leader who doesn't understand what Republican voters want and is willing to lose elections by making sure his prefered candidates face the weakest opponents possible. The fighting between the establishment donor wing of the Republican party and the conservative populist wing of the party has just cost us a normally safe seat in the Senate. When the majority is the Senate was so small that there is problems getting anything accomplished losing a seat was not a good thing. Now is not the time to celebrate. Now is the time to examine how we got here and make sure that it doesn't happen again.

If McConnell spent as much energy trying to defeat Democrats at every turn as he does to defeat conservatives the Republican party would be a lot stronger. It is time for Senate Majority Leader McConnell to resign.

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I agree with everything you said. It is about winning and defeating Rockefeller Republicans in their quest to just sit still and remain in some version of power, albeit faux power. They are the problem that led to what happened in Alabama. Not evangelicals, like others believe. They hate conservatives and will do anything to stop them, even if it means allowing Democrats to win races. Sad day for Republican politics. McConnell showed that he doesn't care for anything else, but to surround himself with slime.

Greg Halvorson
Greg Halvorson

This is all on McConnell and his disgraceful destruction of Mo Brooks — McConnell, remember, in Mississippi, used RACIAL SMEARS for the literally demented Thad Cochran. The man is a cretinous reprobate to the core.