Less Science, More Lawyers

Liberal Scientists are now suing when challenged by other scientists.

It's one thing when politicians resort to suing one another over policy. That's expected. But it's another thing when scientists sue other scientists for disagreeing with them.

A recent article in the Verge (link below) describes a scary trend among liberal scientists, primarily those pushing climate change agendas. One man, Mark Jacobson, is suing colleagues who challenged his paper which describes how renewable energy could replace 100% of the power grid. Colleagues who published in the same journal in which he published are being sued. The suit is for defamation because his detractors disagreed with some of his methodologies.

He stated in his suit that because he's an expert in his field, this is tantamount to defamation.


I really hope my relatives don't get wind of this before I sit down with them at the Christmas dinner table. They might sue me for not liking A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart. (I'm a fan of the George C. Scott version)

You see, Mr. Jaconson's work states that the US power grid could be completely replaces by Wind, Water, and Solar (WWS) sources of energy by 2050 or so. A laudable goal, sure. I'm all for diversification of energy sources. Competition in this sector will lower prices and that would be good for everyone.

But the challengers point out in their paper that Jacobson misses one key point. Storage. WWS, while cleaner that fossil fuel, cannot provide a constant stream of energy. Being that the energy is passively absorbed, not actively generated as with fossil fuels, the grid would be unable to provide power during peak need times. The solution to this, of course, is power storage. But technology in this arena has not yet reached the point that a whole town, much less a city the size of Atlanta, could store enough electricity to keep the city running for several days. And for pointing out this very simple fact, his colleagues were sued.

It is my ardent hope this suit is thrown out (like a few before it) and Mr. Jacobson and his lawyer are laughed out of the court room. Scientific thought and experimentation should not be treated like a political football, yet all too often it is for the simple fact that government money can keep a lab going for many years, regardless of tangible results.

It's not enough that liberal laymen are shouting down logic, reason, and anything with a historical context. But now scientists are tossing out the entirety of the scientific method because of the dogmatic view that renewable energy can save the planet.

I learned way back in elementary school that science is about ideas competing until the ones that prove themselves right over time win out. Looks like Mr. Jacobson needs to go back to school.