It's Time to Protect the Crown - Except We Don't Have Kings Here

A Trump surrogate stumbles over fantasies of a new American monarchy.

Would this be a Freudian slip?


In a recent episode of NRA TV, Trump loyalist, Dan Bongino sang the praises of all of the accomplishments of the Trump administration, to date.

Bongino began by mentioning “mild” successes in North Korea, rightly pointing out that the rogue nation has been known to go back on their word.

There was also plenty of praise for the tax cut bill, walking away from the horrendous Iran nuclear deal, unemployment below four percent, job growth…

He didn’t mention the burdensome omnibus bill, that adds $1.3 trillion to our debt, while continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, or the lack of spending cuts that will render the tax cut bill null.

He also didn’t mention the brewing trade war, that is already hurting farmers, among other Americans.

Under any other circumstances, this would appear to be the run of the mill, partisan banter.

I’m going to guess Bongino got himself worked up, overcome with his adoration, or something of that nature.

In rousing the troops, reminding them that if Republicans lose the House, impeachment proceedings against President Trump are certain, he tipped his hand, and allowed those deepest parts of the Trump fan fiction realm to seep out.

It’s time for us to protect the crown.

The crown? Seriously?

Something in the recesses of his brain must have snapped, bringing him back to the conscious world, where thinking Americans reject the notion of treating any politician like a king. He stumbled over an explanation – You know what I mean.

Yes. We know what you mean, and you said it. We just don’t think what you mean is what you meant to say.

So is this a small thing?

Probably. It’s just another day in the maddening world of Trump love.

It’s worth paying attention to, however, because it’s a peek into the minds of where this bizarre age of Trump is dragging us. That phrase shouldn’t have been anywhere near the surface of Bongino’s mind, where he would utter it with such ease.

This is America.

We have no kings.


benito trump>>Monarch, despot, authoritarian, king, tyrant, dictator on the rise!!! Now, all you footwashers, around the table, praise, thank, honor and give glory to your false messiah!!!


I don't think it's as complicated as some suggest. Dan Bongino was indeed making a Freudian slip: He meant to substitute the letter L for R in crown.


If Chris Matthews said "We have to protect the crown" in 2010 before the Tea Party wave, right winged media would never shut up about it. 2018 really is just 2010 in reverse, with the Right defending an indifensible Pres
ident and oblivious to its own destruction, happily going down with the ship. And following to its natural conclusion, in 2020, we'll be seeing articles about how Trump destroyed the Republican Party the same way Obama destroyed the Democrat.


So now you're deleting Christian content.