It's time to address out of control courts

Article III Judges have went rogue and it is time to reign them in.

Judges in the Article III courts have went rogue since Trump was inaugurated. I could insert 10 or 15 court rulings in the last year alone. If you have been paying attention to the news you already know what they are.

They are repeatedly defying the law and the Supreme Court just to prove they are the resistance. If this continues we will all suffer as what made America great will wither and die in a courtroom. (probably somewhere in the 9th circuit)

Although the constitution allows for judges to be impeached this rarely happens. With how politicized the courts and the nominating process has become there isn't the political will to invest in this sort of fight. So how do we fix this? It appears that the only solution may be a Constitutional Amendment. A constitutional amendment could be dicey as well so let's just focus on the Judges below the Supreme Court in the district courts and the Court of Appeals.

The new constitutional amendment that would do two things:

1) Mandate all Article III judges below the Supreme Court take senior status at age 75

2) Any Judge that has been overturned by the Supreme Court 3 times in the last 5 years be subjected to a retention vote in the Senate within 180 days. If the vote fails or no vote occurs the Judge is removed.

With an evenly divided Supreme Court with one swing vote it is not entirely clear which political persuasion would benefit most. That is not the point, judges tend to get more bold over time and start implementing their own policy preferences instead of following the constitution. This will help to correct for that by forcing votes on judges that continually thumb their nose at us common voters who are subjected to their whims. Not to mention a few judges with a brazen disregard for what the Supreme Court has ruled. Judges that want to remain in the courtroom will adjust their rulings accordingly.