I discovered The Resurgent at least a year ago and it has been my go to web page to understand daily events - but I have to tell whoever is listening that I don't like the website changes. I liked the prior simplicity of the main page. Now I've got a page staring me in the face that I don't even want to deal with. Not liking this interface means I won't visit as often. I just wanted to put this out there in case the web page designers are paying attention. Thanks for listening.

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Steve Berman
Steve Berman


Thank you for the comments. Allow me to point out one thing: you would never have been able to make this comment on the previous website design. The new site, while taking some getting used to by everyone, fulfills this role, to provide a platform for your feedback.

That being said, I know we, and The Maven staff, will consider all comments. If you could be more specific about what you don't like (cluttered, design, interface, etc.) that would be most helpful. Also, are you using the site from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone?