Historical Destruction of Character

Why are we letting our opponents write the future by re-writing our history?

I’m late to the party with this whole Roy Moore conversation, and frankly his ship has sailed. But I’m always trying to find the lesson to be learned. Why isn’t the Roy Moore campaign talking about who the man is today, rather than who he was 30 years ago?

Erick called it when he said the Moore campaign isn’t responding to the WaPo allegations. So, when he categorically denies the Breitbart story, he lends credence to the previous allegations. Simply because he is silent on them.

I‘m not a Roy Moore fan. I’d never heard of him before this past election cycle. But why is he letting events 30 years in his past define the man he is today? Let’s pretend the WaPo allegations are true and he had a preference for teen girls when he was in his thirties. How did he meet his wife? How strong is his marriage? Has he learned life’s lessons and been faithful to his wife and given up chasing girls who are not emotionally mature enough to have an adult relationship? What kind of man is he today? If his current life is defensible, if he has been faithful to his wife and a good man, then he should tell us. His silence is deafening.

There are answers to the questions above. If Moore wasn’t so ashamed of what he did (my assumption considering his silence), and chose to spoke of his redemption by way of his wife, he could be in a very different place right now. The story would then be about redemption, repentance, and strength of family. He could be a ‘new’ man instead of some kind of predator. But that all depends on no women coming forward with more recent stories.

Moore is not the first to allow a story about his past creep up and destroy his future. Herman Cain is another example that allowed allegations that were decades old to derail and ultimately torpedo his campaign. I’m not defending that kind of behavior. But if a person has repented, has lived a good life since their mistakes, shouldn’t we focus on that? Shouldn’t we control the narrative as one of redemption, forgiveness, and knowledge that we are all fallible? Our past is not our present. It is not our future. It is a part of who we are, but does not define us. Is Roy Moore a good man today? If so, can he please stand up and tell us?

Well said!

Thank you!! First mention of the possibility of redemption I have seen in a very long time. Not to excuse sinful behavior, but if all pasts were analyzed, no one would be found "without fault or blemish".

Thanks for the positive feedback! I’m tired of ‘oppo’ researchers destroying a conservative because of something 30 years in the past. Why hasn’t any campaign asked why they had to dig that far back? Why can’t the campaign justify the current person? We need to focus on the long game. Because the other folks sure are.

I agree. If Moore has displayed the traits since his marriage that he is accused of he should drop out. I prefer to judge him for the man he appears to be today rather than the one he is accused of being forty years ago.

I think some people are missing the point of the above article. I think he's saying the "redemption" argument is one Moore OUGHT TO BE MAKING forcefully and passionately -- but isn't doing so in a consistent and persuasive way. I'd add, for those arguing that these charges are forty years old, that Moore is now a Christian and so changed, forgiven, etc.: if any of these charges are true -- any of them, the illegal ones, the merely creepy ones, any one of them -- Roy Moore is currently guilty of lying about them to the American people. That's not a forty year old or now-forgiven character flaw. That's a current, ongoing one -- IF these accusations are true, and the case is pretty compelling that at least some of them are. Does that matter in the life of someone asking us to elect him to help make our laws?

@sjplwc : I just want to be clear that I’m not advocating that Roy Moore be elected. You are right, the more we learn, the less I think the arguments I’ve made in the article apply to him. However, I do think that there are some candidates that could make those arguments, but because they chose to react to accusations, rather than get in front of them with the type of arguments posed above, they ended up being knocked out of a race. If the current record is clean, and all the oppo can do is point to 30 years ago, we shouldn’t let that torpedo an otherwise decent candidate. Everyone’s done/said things they regret. Moore is looking more and more like a pedofile and should be treated as such. But let’s learn what we can from his campaign and be ready for the future.