Hello world. Welcome to the community section at The Resurgent. You too can write here. I'd encourage you to focus on the politics of your state and local community, but national politics too. And engage with the community. We're going to start growing our front page writers from the community. The best work gets put up front and the best writers become part of the front page stable.

A few basics:

Don't steal other people's work.
Don't be a jackass.
Be a conservative.

Front page writers have to be pro-life. But we're not afraid to disagree on other matters.

I am so happy you've done this, sir. I stopped posting on Red State when the admin board no longer allowed you to disagree with their chosen position or candidate and would ban you for doing so. I lamented not having an outlet for my political discussion desire any longer and eager look forward to this becoming a home port for that very thing. Thanks again for creating this.

@TheCavlier Feel free to disagree. We're trying to allow dissent without jackassery, which might sometimes be hard balance. But I'm okay if people disagree with me.

That, sir, is excellent news.

We need ways to vote up/down comments we like/dislike by the way :)

Question: How do we edit our user names? I seem to have left an "a" out of mine....(stupid fat fingers)....