Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The Judge has already been sentenced and according to the left (including Mitch McConnell who is still mad about the $800 million loss) he must leave the race.

The Judge has already been sentenced and according to the left (including Mitch McConnell who is still mad about the $800 million loss) he must leave the race. But wait. What is that? There is no evidence? That's right. NO EVIDENCE. All we have are allegations, but there is absolutely no proof that any of the women who have come forward to accuse the Judge spent anytime alone with him. This isn't like the Harvey Weinstein scandal where there is actuall proof of sexual misconduct.

Indeed the first story already has a hole in it when the mother of Leigh Corfman, Nancy Wells, said that her daughter never had a telephone in her bedroom as the Washington Post claimed. It is even more suspicious learning from the mother that the Post, who had already endorsed Democrat Doug Jones, actually called Corfman up for the story. Next you have a high school year book that was signed by Roy Moore. This is just pandering words and making it into a big story. If one looks at it with a preconceived notion that yes, he was interested in youg teenage girls, then it would be alarming. To just take what is written in the year book and say that it proves Moore was interested in young underage girls is like saying that anyone who says that a small baby is beautiful is a pedophile.

The people of Alabama want proof not just stories. However, this will not happen because the media, the left, and the establishment Republicans are out to get Moore because he is one of the few who will show the world their true colors. While the left calls for Moore to give proof that he didn´t commit the evil he is charged with, I say they must give better proof that the events they are describing are true. People of Alabama stick to your guns. Do not be swayed by the left to give up on Judge Moore. At least not until there is solid evidence that there was sexual misconduct.

I wish “the powers that be” would put this type of energy into investigating, prosecuting and incarcerating the perverted , murdering Clinton Crime lords. This is a witch hunt plain and simple .

There's a long history of politicians who have faced accusations of sexual impropriety running and winning. There's not so long a history of their own party asking them to step down from a race. Bill Clinton should never have run for president, by the current rules. Ted Kennedy should haver have served in the Senate.

But in the same breath, all the Hollywood scum got away with their scummery for many decades. Now that Hollywood is being held more accountable, who are we to go back to politics as it was in the Clinton years?

If you believe Roy Moore's unqualified denials, and believe all the women's stories are fabricated, you can vote for him with a clean conscience. Many others (including myself) are not so sure. We must be accountable to God and our conscience in the end.

It's not just the allegations, it's the timing of the allegations. And, it's a proven pattern of political attack. I'm not a Trump fanboy, but the pattern is clear. Attack Trump's finances (fail), then call in the accusers of sexual impropriety (fail). Attack Judge Moore's finances (fail), then call in the accusers of sexual impropriety. Unfortunately, similar attacks actually worked against Ted Cruz. Notice the evolution this time, however. Regular accusations of sexual impropriety didn't work against Trump, so they upped the ante to accusations of pedophilia with Judge Moore. If he was such a known "creep" cruising for teenagers at the mall, how in the world did he survive two public campaigns for Alabama governorship and get elected as chief justice twice without any of these allegations surfacing or people exposing him as a creepy deviant? Mr. Berman, as for the comparison between Judge Moore and Hollywood's silence concerning Harvey Weinstein, Et al, the primary difference is that the accusers in Hollywood had career interests (and in more than one case received hush money) that encouraged their silence. Where is the PROOF of impropriety regarding Judge Moore? Where are the pay-offs? The yearbook is not proof, especially if you compare the handwriting of the date and restaurant name to the rest of the text. If he is guilty, however, he should be held accountable, but he deserves the presumption of innocence until legitimate proof to the contrary is established. We shouldn't rush to judgment based on mere innuendo.

BTW - I included Ted Cruz to illustrate the pattern on both sides. The Establishment Republicans are more than willing to throw their own under the bus if it means preserving their agenda of mediocrity. Ted Cruz and Judge Moore certainly don't fit the Establishment's agenda.

I'm perplexed as to why a woman so traumatized by an attack such as she claimed happened at age 16, she would within 2 years later ask her attacker to sign her yearbook rather than avoiding him like the plague. Add this to the fact that Gloria Allred is involved, and one must say, "Hmmm.."