God is Dead

Why do these things keep happening?

No. Not really. God is alive for evermore and no enemy can
destroy him. He is from everlasting to everlasting and he is Truth. Therein is
the problem for the intellects, policy makers, and pundits of our day. God is
not dead, but God is dead to them.

Friedrich Nietzsche made the famous declaration “God is
dead” to advocate the success of the Enlightenment period where he, and many
other philosophers, was finally able to get a foothold in the minds of men.
Nietzsche and his ilk promoted human reason and rationalization over the wisdom
of God. For many it took, and in all the wrong places. Men have always sought
to become to gods and this new movement of reason gave them the self-validation
they needed.

However, even Nietzsche understood the dangers of replacing
the wisdom of God with the reason of man. Though an atheist himself he
correctly predicted that once Christianity was no longer the predominate force
of western thought it would be replaced by nihilism and all its tentacles. When
truth no longer matters there is no barrier to immorality. The carnage wrought
by godless systems of communism, Nazism, fascism, and other leftist ideologies
in the 20th century is supremely evident.

Where there is an absence of God, as Erick often talks
about, there is a void. And the void will be filled. It is inherent in our
creation that the soul recognizes there is something greater than ourselves. This
is seen in humanity’s pursuit of meaning, happiness, and purpose. Today God has
been replaced with post-modernism where truth and facts either do not matter or
only serve as a means to an end. In the absence of truth we just go emotion to
emotion with no logical basis of thought. Everything is right and nothing is
wrong. Morality is subjugated to the individual or the whims of an
ever-changing society.

The absence of God is evident in our homes, civil discourse,
and even churches. The foundations of western thought and biblical principles
are undermined in favor of pleasure and instant gratification of emotional despair.

If the foundations be destroyed what shall the righteous do?
(Psalm 11:3) No foundation leads to crumbling support and eventual collapse.
Who can honestly look at our society and conclude that everything is fine?

How has removing dignity and marital constraints from sex
worked out?

How has diminishing the role of the father and the
traditional nuclear family worked out?

How has preachers refusing to preach against sin in order to
gain acceptance and popularity worked out?

The church used to have great influence on the morality of
law and strived to keep in check the principles of political leaders, but no
longer. The church has along the way weakened its credibility. Severe damage
has been done by the so called church leaders who are even now sweeping their
guy’s affair and payment to a porn star under the rug.

A man and society void of truth is a dangerous instrument.
Yesterday another mass school shooting took place in Florida. Yet another act
of evil. Guns will be lamed of course. Not because most really believe guns are
the problem, but because it is easier to place blame on an inanimate object for
political expediency than it is to search the soul for the root of the problem.

We do not yet know much about the shooter, but we know is
typical of previous examples. He was from a broken home, adopted, and left
alone at a young age. His social media suggests he possessed no moral compass.
Guilty as Nikolas Cruz may be he is the result of broken society void of God
and Truth.

Take away the guns if it makes you feel better, but
understand that until God is welcomed in our families, churches, academics, and
civil institutions nothing will get better.

No amount of hoping, wishing, emotion, equalization, or
running mouths on CNN or Fox News will solve anything. Only Truth.

Fredrick Douglass said, “It is easier to build strong
children than it is to repair broken men”. We must put God back in his place.
There is no other solution.