Folks - regardless of the results of the testing of the Sig pistols adopted by the military, firearms just DONT GO OFF. However, the jury was convinced of this by someone on the defense side. That means an overall ignorance of the operation of a firearm across the board on the side of the prosecution and the defense. I know the prosecution had access to experts to rebut the testimony. Why did they not? Further the war on guns?

They sure don't. The untrained hand will go for the trigger, like it is what should be natural to hold a firearm, when the trained hand keeps it's trigger finger in the safe position, being at the side of the slide, or trigger guard. That jury was lied to, and we both know it. The prosecution had their share of political reasons for allowing this lie to be said, because I think the trial was only used as a way to show the people in California that they were administering justice, when all they did was thwart it.