Five Simple Steps to End Graft and Corruption in Washington

We the People need to come together to restore the integrity and principles of our democratic, constitutional republic.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” ~ Lord John Dalberg-Acton

I don’t care if you’re a conservative, liberal, or libertarian, it’s impossible to ignore the problems we have in Washington.

We the People need to come together to find common solutions to common problems.

What are the common problems in Washington? Greed and corruption. Both sides are guilty!

When the dominant party changes from time to time, nothing ever really changes in the way our government is run because human nature never changes. Both parties are overrun with a lust for power, and in their desire to acquire and remain in power, they use their constituents as tools. Think taxes.

When was the last time our elected representatives genuinely sought our opinion and fought for what we wanted rather than catering (i.e. caving) to special interest groups? They may allow themselves to believe special-interest lobbyists speak for the American people, but they don’t. They have their own agendas.

How much money changes hands each year in the name of lobbying for a particular cause? Every contribution received by a special interest group leads to graft and corruption. Worse, it betrays the American people because most of it’s done behind closed doors.

That doesn’t mean all lobbying is bad. As it stands today, our representatives in Washington are so far removed from the communities they represent, lobbying is often the only way to get their attention.

That needs to end.

Here is my simple solution to end graft and corruption in Washington while solving a few ancillary problems along the way.

First, we should restore the Senate to its rightful role by abolishing the 17th Amendment. States need to appoint their own representatives to represent the needs of each state. We are the United States of America, meaning each individual state joined a charter to form a democratic republic representing the people of the several and separate, independent states.

What are presidents, kings, queens, and prime ministers called? Heads of state. Our governors should be treated with the same respect, as heads of state over the citizens within their respective states. Senators should work with their governors to represent the needs of their state rather than functioning as another body representing the greater will of the people comprising the United States.

As such, their offices should be near the legislative bodies within their own states, so they are accountable to the pressing needs and will of the individuals within each state.

Second, we should send all our congressional representatives back to their home districts, permanently. With the technology we have (Phone, fax, Internet, webinars, Skype, digital signatures, etc.), there is no reason for the added expense of having offices (and residences) in Washington and in their respective home states, complete with the additional staff to run them.

Everything could be done electronically, and if there is a need to meet physically, as the Constitution mandates, the existing offices in Washington could be used as temporary housing for each member rather than having to pay for additional housing.

For those concerned with global warming, the reduced travel should be an extremely high priority because it would greatly reduce each member’s carbon footprint.

Moving forward, no meetings should be conducted in private. Since we have the technology, every meeting should be available via live feed over the Internet, so the constituents can oversee their elected officials in real time as a reminder that they work for us.

We already have C-Span. It’s time to take it to the next level. Complete transparency.

Every individual meeting and every joint congressional meeting should be live. No out-of-office meetings. In fact, the entire office, lobbies included, could be wired for video to create a visual record of each visitor.

No more secret lobbyist transactions. No more backroom deals to get a bill passed. Everything would be above board.

Each representative would be far more productive working from a single location, partly due to the time saved by not traveling to and from Washington, but also due to their accountability and forced transparency. They would also be more productive personally and legislatively because they would be close to their family.

Side benefit: The sexual shenanigans would end, as well, because the representatives would be accountable for their time and location in addition to being on live video feeds.

Third, every bill in the House or the Senate should be single-issue legislation, with strict Constitutional limits: To establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty.

Unrelated amendments or add-ons should be banned so each bill may be voted on based on its own merits. And, since everything will be done electronically, every piece of legislation should have a mandatory cooling-off period for public review and comment.

Because of the public, transparent nature of the legislative process, and the proximity of the representatives to the constituents they represent, each representative will be (1) more in tune with the needs of their constituents rather than being insulated and influenced by the Washington bubble, and (2) far more accountable to each constituent.

Fourth, we need term limits for every government position. We already have them for the executive branch. We should also have them for the legislative and judicial branches.

No more career politicians or justices.

Fifth, the tax code needs to be abolished as we know it and converted into a simple consumption tax that is administered by the states, who, in turn, would fund the federal government.

No more income tax!

With the power of the purse taken away from the federal government, power would naturally return to the will of the people.

With a consumption tax, if you purchase something (individually or as a corporation), you pay a tax. If you don’t, you don’t pay a tax. Pretty simple. Everyone would pay their fair share. None of your income, savings (aside from purchases), or inheritance would be taxed, which leads to triple taxation for some people.

Side benefit: Illegal gains would be subject to taxation through consumption, whereas they currently avoid income taxation altogether. Plus, tourism would continue to add value by lessening the consumption tax burden on US citizens.

Without the onerous tax code, political leverage over the populace would disappear, and the positive impact on wealth would be a driver of innovation and jobs.

Done properly, property taxes could disappear, as well. Imagine owning your property rather than just leasing it via ongoing taxation.

By taking these five steps, we will be well on our way to restoring our nation to greatness. We can work on the rest of what’s necessary to repair our economy, monetary policy, and deficit spending after we fix the basics.

What say you?

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#1 a Home-run. The House has 435 member, each representing 500,000+ individuals. The Senate due to 17th Amendment tis JUST a large scale of the House. Senators should be accountable to the states that appoint them to REPRESENT the state.

#2. What about Commit3tees and Hearing? I would rather see a semester system where is has an exact length of time and ends. Congress goes home to interact with those they represent. Loaded with information gather, they then go back to Washington DC to meet, discuss and pass those necessary laws which should be few and far between.

#3 Spot on. Laws should be single issue with zero ride-ons. 1-2 pages should be their length. Also, Laws should be written in simple language where citizens can understand them.

#4 Again, another Home Run. Senators, no more then 2 terms. House 3 terms. This would STOP the corrupt power hunger Establishment mentality.

#5 I favor a Flat tax for every working individual of 15% and 19.5% for Corporation. Unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of what America the EXCEPTIONAL it is and a model of "LIFE, LIBERY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS".

#6 Balanced Budget Amendment. Over Spending MUST be stopped.

Currently, the Convention of States Movement is attempting to do the above. We as a Constitutional Representative Republic MUST return to our roots where the Founders and Framers envisioned Limited Government and "inalienable rights".

Americans have become distracted, embraced the Victim status and have grown to be dependent upon Government for the answer to everything. It is time to once again embrace our roots.


Since we're asking for things we'll never get, can I put in for Jeff Bezos' bank account, a supermodel girlfriend (or six) and a pony?

Pieces like this are a waste of time to write and/or read because they are fantasy wish lists of THINGS THAT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN! Why not? Because you will never ever hear a politician say, "Oh no. That is simply too much power for me to have." Never. Ever. Everything on this pipe dream would reduce the power of our rulers and that ain't gonna happen short of revolution and that's not gonna happen either. (At least from the Right side. The Left has been in the streets for years.)

We've already seen how the Tea Party movement was effectively crushed in six short years as members either went native in the DC Swamp or were marginalized by the Establishment Swamp Creatures like McConnell, Boehner and Ryan. The fact the GOPe was willing to destroy itself with the lifelong liberal Democrat Trump rather than allow an actual conservative in the form of Cruz gave the game away, so what makes the author feel Senators are going to hand away their nearly-lifetime tenures by abolishing the 17th Amendment? Exactly.


@DirkBelig I agree that most, if not all, of what I proposed will never be enacted (and certainly not by the power-hungry in Washington), but sitting on our hands never proposing anything out of fear of the status quo is worse. We have to have people willing to engage in the realm of ideas so those who are willing to act have something to rally around. I don't expect the politicians to act. That is why I started with We the People. It doesn't take violent revolt to make a difference. It just takes massive numbers of committed people willing to take a stand...and not back down.


@DaveGaffney said, "It just takes massive numbers of committed people willing to take a stand...and not back down."

We tried that: The Tea Party. And in response, the GOPe decided they'd rather have a lifelong liberal Democrat with zero impulse control, but who wouldn't upset the permanently Leftward course desired by our rulers, be their standard bearer with the plan being he'd lose and they'd roll over and play dead for Queen Hillary and continue to fundraise off the rubes to put on Failure Theater. This was preferable to having a President Cruz actually demanding smaller, weaker government and not settling for anything less. (That was Cruz 2016 prior to heeling when the Mercers yanked his chain and he endorsed Trump w/o an apology for the smears and abuse. Now, I am #NeverCruz.)

But she blew her end of the deal and Trump won and now they've got to try and hang on to their slender majority having accomplished nothing and getting clobbered by the media at every turn. After Congress flips in 2018, how exactly does Trump or whomever gets stuck with trying to hold the White House against the media's next anointed one, Empress Kamala Harris. (Yes, she's a Marxist idiot, but you want to tell me people won't crawl over broken glass to elect a black woman as a rebuke to four years of Trump? Didn't think so.)

Sorry to be such an Eeyore, but I live in the real world where people are really dumb and no one cares about quality, character or freedom. They just want to punch back and have tantrums and everything you're calling for requires a polity filled with people that just don't exist anymore. Everyone sold out to Trump Cult and eventually it's all going to collapse as all socialist systems do.

@DirkBelig "We tried that: The Tea Party..." I respectfully disagree, because you're missing the point. You assume I'm talking about another we vs. them, conservative vs. liberal movement. I'm not. I'm talking about a truly united grassroots movement everyone could get behind if framed properly. That way liberals can get what they want (so conservatives can watch it implode without paying for it), conservatives can get what they want, and libertarians can get what they want...each within their own respective states. Then, people within those states can vote two ways: First, at the ballot box, and then with their feet by moving to another state that better fits their ideology. If California residents want to allow illegals, provide sanctuary protection, and give them every free social service under the sun, fine, let them. But, make them pay for it themselves with their own tax revenue. Then, on top of that, make them fund the lean, mean Federal government out of the same revenue base. No more top-down subsidies paid by hard-working residents of other states. It would be the same scenario for each state. More importantly, you missed the overarching concept of the entire piece. This is only one small part of a greater overhaul. We need massive fiscal reforms (spending and money creation), reforms to our entire financial system (banking, insurance, and investments), reforms to the legislative process, reforms to the judicial system, reforms to voting, reforms to foreign policy (and military), reforms to environmental policies (and, no, I'm not talking about climate change), and much, much more. We also need to eliminate every unnecessary governmental agency that doesn't fit within the strict confines of the Constitution. In short, We the People must remember, "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness," and, "when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." I think our founding fathers were pretty bright men...


I’d add a couple of things.
One would be to increase the number of Representatives, to increase representation of the people.
I really like your # 2----I had not thought of that. The government probably could buy a hotel and assign rooms to every member of Congress and save money. This would also help with the logistics of increasing the size of the House of Representatives.
This would also make it easier to change the way lobbying is done. I would set aside certain times and places for lobbyists to meet with members of Congress or their staff, and limit all contact by lobbyists to these times and places. If a trip is necessary to show a location to a member of Congress, to educate him or her on why a measure is necessary, this would be fully documented and not include any extras, such as golf or other entertainment.
Your # 3 is good, but I would add that every bill must be written by its sponsor, and that no one can vote on a bill without reading it first. No more allowing a special interest to write a bill and submit it to a member of Congress, and then having Congress vote on it without even reading it first.
To those who just sneer at the idea of major changes like this and give up, I remind them of the American Revolution. Yes, it would mean overcoming major obstacles, but We The People are rapidly reaching the end of our tolerance of the erosion of our Constitution and the death spiral of our nation.
The biggest obstacle is communication. As long as the Complicit Agenda Media control what the American people are told, and therefore what they think and believe, nothing will ever be accomplished. Because these recommendations are, to some extent, partisan----they reflect a Conservative, Constitutional, point of view----no state organ of information could promote it. The only thing I can think of would be either a TV show similar to Madame Secretary which is entertaining and also promotes ideas like this or the purchase of one of the alphabet networks by a Conservative group which would then run it pretty much the same way the other networks are run but having actual, unbiased, news reporting and stories on movements such as this. Finding or creating a national voice for the movement will be harder, I think, than getting support for the movement once people know about it and understand it.


Your article could have an impact on this country if it were implemented. There is only thing I would add. If the elected candidates do not follow through on their campaign promises, and vote against their promises, they should be removed from office. Their promises are the reason they were voted in.


@azmgeb - I agree.

I've not been one of the people wanting to repeal the 17th Amendment, but I see it as necessary, now. Imagine if all those senators were tied back to the will of the states they would be back to representing, directly. We wouldn't have a lot of the mess we now have. It may not solve everything, but it sure put up a roadblock to bad legislation.


@MarkBerwind - Sorry I missed this comment. Thanks for joining the conversation on so many of my posts. I truly appreciate your support.