Could the Anti-Christ arrive with an (R) next to his name?!?

No crazy end time conspiracies here: this article is less about the Anti-Christ and more about the Body of Christ.

If we could travel back in time 2000 years and survey the most well educated Jewish scholars of the time, of where they would predict for their Messiah to arrive to, I highly doubt that “a cave in Bethlehem” would get very many mentions. Likewise, if today, we polled the American Evangelical crowd, of where they would expect the Anti-Christ to come from, I don’t think that you’d hear “The Republican Party” very often either. Isn’t it interesting how, when Jesus made His first appearance, that those who knew the most, wound up also missing it by the most. The Old Testament spelled out dozens and dozens of incredibly detailed and intricate prophesies, and yet when the time came when every last one of those prophesies were exactly fulfilled, those who had devoted their entire lives to knowing all the “facts”, somehow completely missed the moment. Their self indignant and high minded furious pursuit of information, blinded and robbed them of any chance to ever experience true revelation.

I’m a 35 year old, evangelical, white male. I would only admit to such a terrible thing in the safety of such a format as this. I’m a picture perfect child of the birth of the 1980’s cultural wars. And I was breed to be a soldier for the Right side. My father entered into adulthood through the bleakness of the Carter years, and then the glorious Reagan revival. I could recognize the voice of James Dobson as just a young boy. I knew what it meant to be a ditto head. In 1992, just barely ten years old, I and my two Democrat friends would have fierce debates about that years’ election. I knew more about Monica Lewinsky than a 15 year old kid probably should have. And in the year 2000, when I was finally old enough to vote, of course, without any hesitation, I proudly voted for George W. Bush. And have voted Republican in every election since. Every one.

But a lot has changed in the 17 years since then. A lot has changed in the past 17 months. I am not one to spend a lot of time thinking about, or studying about, end time prophesies. But for whatever reason, recently I have been thinking about it, just a little bit. I believe that our nation’s two most recent Presidents make the emergence of an Anti-Christ figure suddenly seem quite believable. In an age where policy positions have been trumped (I really wanted to use a different word here but just couldn’t think of one) by personality, and large, loud, cultish followings have sprung up, its not difficult to connect the dots into an inevitable future. But this isn’t the most surprising aspect of the developments of the past nine years. What’s so surprising, and downright terrifying, for someone like me, is the thought that this ultimate epitome of wickedness could sneak in under the noses, and perhaps even with the blessing, of large sects of Christianity. This notion would have seemed unfathomable just a couple of years ago. But today, not so much. I’m certainly not naming anyone as the Anti-Christ. In fact, I haven’t used the names of any current political figures in this article. That’s not the point. The point is that we must be careful. We must be vigilant. We must be humble. Jesus did not say, “Blessed is he who hungers and thirsts after information.” Or “power”. And certainly not “politics”.

Righteousness. We must seek righteousness. And meekness. And purity of hearts. And to be makers of peace. Peace...what a novel idea. Surely we live in the least peaceful, “peaceful” place and time in the history of places and times. Standing firmly and boldly for righteousness and truth, while also extending grace and peace? Talk about a radical and compelling counter to current culture. Because the truth is, like so many people are doing today, it was woven into the DNA of all of humanity to ultimately bow, not before the creation of a philosophy, but rather at the feet of a Person. Jesus, let us be transformed into the likeness of You, lest we be conformed into the likeness of something much less.

Interesting perspective. Though I do not believe the Anti-Christ will be an American. I do believe that we are living in a spirit of anti-Christ as John talks about in these last days. On a side note, we are the same age and had a very similar upbringing. I went to vote with my grandparents in 1988 at the age of 5 and have been hooked on politics ever since.

It is discouraging to see so many Evangelicals excuse anything Trump does (or did) based on one fact only - he is not Hillary.

My thoughts run down many paths while reading this. First, I think that we spend too much time worrying about prophetic things instead of trying to understand them in context with our individual lives and responsibilities to our Lord. We need to accept the fact that God has a timetable and we can't change it. Whomever the "Anti-Christ" will be, he will come in Gods time and for Gods purposes. Secondly, and tied to the first, I personally am not a "Republican", "Democrat", "Independent" or any of the other political variations of our current society. I am a Monarchist, and my King is coming. When this age comes to its end, or my life here ends its brief span, I will join the ultimate and final King as a servant of his kingdom. I do not live my life for the rewards of this world or place much stock in the pleasures gained here. I certainly don't worry about things that are far above my pay grade. My job is to live as an example of following Christ and to make disciples of those He chooses to save and place in my path. That's what He sent us out to do. The thing He told us NOT to do most often, was worry. Every day, He asks us the same question - "Do you trust Me?". Every day, we answer that question by our actions, showing our faith in His control of our lives. We need to let go our worrying over who sits in what office. Scripture tells that He put them there and He will remove them in His time.

Their are many Anti-Christ's, those that come claiming Christianity but are the antithesis of what a Christian should be. The defacto Anti-Christ will not be a man born of flesh but come from the Heavens as we would expect Our True Lord And Savior to do. He will be the wolf in sheep's clothing. Transformed (disguised) as an Angel of light. Satan already has the wicked, he is coming for the rest including so called Christians. Donald Trump is a perfect example of the strongest type of this I've ever seen of an anti-christ. it hurts my heart to see Christians slobbering all over him.

Differing views of millennialism aside, the way so many "conservative" or "evangelical" Christians have readily dismissed and even justified vile behaviors in their candidates is shocking. A short time ago, I would not have considered it possible that so many public figures would whitewash the sepulchers of corrupt politicians and declare them clean. Admittedly, since we're all sinners, there is no "pure" person seeking any office. But there is a world of difference between those who struggle to resist their baser instincts, and those who revel in them.