Cameron Kasky and his father praise violence against conservatives

Media outlets have ignored vile social media postings by the Kaskys while pushing gun control.

Last week, readers got a look into the background of Stoneman Douglas anti-gun student David Hogg that the media ignored. Now the time has come to examine another student activist who has gotten a free pass along with his vulgar and reckless father.

Cameron Kasky came into prominence last month during the CNN #StudentsStandUp town hall after comparing Senator Marco Rubio to the Stoneman Douglas gunman and demanding he not take any more NRA money. He also lashed out at NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and questioned her motherhood. Rubio managed to keep his cool despite Kasky’s crude behavior and refused to throw Second Amendment supporters under the bus despite a hostile crowd demanding he do so.

This is not anomalous behavior on the part of the Kasky family. Jeff Kasky, Cameron’s father, has posted a series of repulsive tweets about Senator Rubio over the years. He has called Rubio a “little bitch,” suggested that he is gay, mocked his faith, and of course claimed Rubio is owned by the NRA. But the most troubling tweet involved him asking right before the town hall “What's a good amount of bail money to bring to a CNN Town Hall where Marco Rubio will be speaking?” Not only have conservatives been suspended from twitter for far less, but this is a possible threat against a public official worthy of a visit from the Secret Service.

Cameron appears to have learned well from his dad. While he deleted his Facebook account in February after claiming he was getting death threats from “NRA cultists,” some of his old postings encourage and excuse violence. Screenshots of Cameron’s now-deleted account show him celebrating Senator Rand Paul’s assault by his crazed neighbor, hoping NRA members shoot themselves, and saying that punching members of the so-called alt-right “should be encouraged.”

There are members of the Parkland community who would make great spokespeople for ending school violence regardless of political ideology. The families of the 17 lost souls have already made a difference both at the federal and state level in making our communities safer. America needs to see more of them and less of Cameron Kasky’s mug on television. Maybe he will grow up and distance himself from his father’s toxic influence as well.