Buckle Up for 1968

This story is was written and published on another platform on January 19th. I am reposting it here since it has aged well. But, I am biased of course.

Few shows capture historical background like Mad Men. The best and worst of America played out subtly among the antics at Sterling Cooper.

1968 marked a transformational year in the series and America. The assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr followed by that Bobby Kennedy left the nation angry and confused. Protests spread among racial, sex, and ideological lines. The Summer of Love of 1967 was long gone and the nation burned like the jungles of Vietnam.

On inauguration day 2017 America finds itself in a similar state. Racial tensions are high, everyone walks on eggshells created by political correctness, an entire generation cannot handle criticism and have become the hypocrisy of tolerance. Furthermore, our police officers are ambushed in coffee shops and traffic stops all while carrying the load of blame that big government has shouldered them with.

2017 well may bring a sense of 1968 de ja vu. America is divided more on political and ideological lines than ever before. In a land where logic and reason once ruled the day now sees opposition of ideas as intolerance. Liberals have embraced their more radical members as mainstream and left behind their blue collar base to be scooped up by a rich New York real estate tycoon.

One should look no farther than the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as an example of how low we have gone as a society. In a few short hours Donald Trump will be the president, a notion that is met with equal parts of fear and excitement. With that in mind let’s see what lies ahead for America with Trump as president, although most will be through no real fault of his own.

First, the protests centered on race, sexuality, and gender will increase. Liberals have nothing left after being held out of more elected offices since any time since their inception. The Obama coalition turned out to not be the Democrat coalition. Democrats have an extremely short bench with no one waiting in the wings with the political savvy it will take to regain the rust belt, especially if Trump keeps tweeting out job saving business deals. Protest and resistance are their only choice at the moment, hence the grandstanding at recent confirmation hearings.

However, the protests will be manufactured and not representative of the American people.

Secondly, the assaults on police will get worse largely as a result of the inflaming effects of the progressive mob and reported sensationally by a complicit media. The Ferguson Effect will only grow.

The irony is that in many cases where police are killed or have to use deadly force it is because they have been placed in the situation as a result of big government policies and laws. One man famously died in New York City because needless cigarette regulations. The left loves to dictate your life and blame the police for enforcing their will on you when you get upset. Police officers are the scapegoat for an immoral worldview where consequences aren’t for the elite only you chumps.

Lastly and hopefully, there will be no assassinations of any kind, but sadly we won’t hear much unifying rhetoric. Bobby Kennedy’s words calmed a nation after MLK’s death. Regretfully today his party would capitalize on such tragedy for political gain.

The media will be complicit in all of it. Fanning the flames of deceit, tension and unrest. CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and Buzzfeed already considers themselves the resistance and others do as well.

I hope I am wrong. I really do. I would much rather have 1984 than 1968. But you better buckle up because 1968 is here again. If you thought 2016 was bad just hold on…I wonder how Don Draper would spin this one?