BREAKING - Net Neutrality Vote Interrupted Over Security Concerns

Meeting room cleared just prior to taking a vote.

At a meeting of the Federal Communications Commission to decide whether or not to rescind the Obama Administration’s “net neutrality” regulations, security concerns forced a sudden evacuation of the meeting room.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai was in the middle of giving some remarks prior to to the vote when he announced, “On advice of security, we need to take a brief recess.”

The commissioners quickly exited the room, and a bomb-sniffing dog was reportedly brought in. Apparently nothing of concern was found, and the commissioners re-entered the meeting room several minutes later.

The vote on net neutrality has generated controversy because, as expected, the FCC just voted to roll back the regulations, which advocates claim are necessary to keep internet service providers from throttling content. Skeptics, however, are uncomfortable with that much government control of the internet and see net neutrality rules as a backdoor way of policing content that the government doesn’t like.

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Aren't tech moguls somewhat liberal politically? So, basically if it becomes a slow torture trying to log onto The Resurgent but you can get to The Huffington Post in a flash, the lack of net neutrality is why.


This entire debate infuriates me as it seems like 99% of people who bring it up have absolutely no idea what they're talking about and are just useful idiots for Marxist agitators milling about and screaming, "but muh Netflix!!!"