At what point are there such a high occurrence of new nefarious sexual allegations reported in the media that most Americans start to accept them as the new norm and lose interest? Given the fact that so many are willing to stand behind Roy Moore, one could make the argument that perhaps some Americans are starting to look at those allegations a little more critically. Deviant criminal sexual behavior should be reported immediately. Nobody waits 40 years to report their home being broken into or their having their wallet stolen, why should any form of assault be any different? In all cases of personal crime there exists a fear of the wrongdoer. Sometimes, it harms the accuser’s credibility when they let so much time pass. I think we all need to remember that in America we are automatically presumed innocent until we are proven guilty. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion is as quick to judge as it is unforgiving. Bottom line: when crying wolf, make sure that there actually is a freaking wolf.

-a rare Decatur conservative.

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Mob rule is the new rule of law in America... Terrifying reality.