Are You Letting a Politician Think for You?

Trump gestures at a speech at the 2011 CPACGage Skidmore

President Trump's supporters are so dedicated that they would probably believe him if he said the moon was made of green cheese. On the other hand, there are some people who would contradict him if he said the moon was made of rock. It seems people decide what to believe based on what Trump says.

President Trump's effect on Americans is a prime example of a phenomenon, but not the only one. I once supported Roy Moore. Today, the mountain of evidence against him is overwhelming, yet some people believe Judge Moore despite the facts. (I highlight Republican examples because of the danger of allowing corruption in our party. It's easier for us to be honest about the Democrats' problems.)

We must be seeking the truth even when we're afraid it'll make us look bad. It isn't easy to be honest about the faults of politicians we strongly agree with - but it is of vital importance if we want to preserve our nation. If we all get our own facts, partisan opponents will quickly become enemies, having nothing in common. We will be unable to exist as one nation, with such a rift between us. It will be Charlottesville - and worse.

The Roy Moore scandal reminds us to focus on promoting good policies, rather than lifting up certain politicians as heroes. A policy position doesn't have a skeleton in its closet. One politician going down in smoke need not affect your list of policy positions. When we think one particular politician can solve our problems, we're making the same mistake Germans made in the 1930s. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is the only one who can actually solve our problems.

Here's a challenge for you. Make an extensive list of the policy positions you believe in, and why you believe each one. Better still, try finding good arguments for the positions of your opponents. You probably won't be persuaded, but you may gain insight. Finding the truth often involves getting outside your comfort zone.

Don't let a politician think for you. Understand what's going on. I believe we should test everything against the Scriptures (Acts 17:11).

You are a citizen of the United States. Be informed. It's the future of our nation. Stand up for truth.

Zachary, this isn't about replacing an alderman or a school board member. Replacing a Senate candidate is a complex mess. It is like replacing a pilot on a small private airplane that has no copilot.

As for being a hero worshiper of either Trump or Moore, I was a Cruz supporter in the primaries but when that ended, it was either Trump or Hillary, so I - unlike G.H.W. Bush - voted for Trump and not Hillary. And Trump didn't support Moore in the primary. If people are showing enthusiasm for Moore now, it is at least enthusiasm for not being bamboozled by the Democrats as much as understanding the difficult situation that has to be navigated. I suspect voters in Alabama see this in much simpler direct terms than all the pundits wailing and mashing their teeth on the internet. The situation would be more difficult if there were a Democrat governor in Alabama to make appointments.

If Moore did as the 16 year old claimed I find it hard to believe that she did nothing about it. At the least told her parents who should have moved heaven and earth to have him prosecuted. Perhaps something happened, but if so is her claim exaggerated? If not he should have been prosecuted at the time. Just assume the facts are true as claimed perhaps that made him the man he is today. His wife was not aware of any characteristics of what people claim he had shown prior to his marriage. If I was an Alabama voter I would vote for him because he has proven to be a good moral Christian. I don't believe has has any of the proclivities that people claim he had prior to his marriage. Perhaps his past has made him the person he is today. Who of us would want someone to dig into our indiscretions of our past. Hopefully we all learn from our mistakes.

I initially wanted to believe Roy Moore's denial, but there is lot that is incriminating him at this point. The accusations, particularly the most recent one, are too credible to be easily dismissed. I strongly agree with what Sen. Cruz wrote about the situation.

It has been four days since the last comment. Has anything risen to the point of evidence in that time? I've seen a lot of stuff that makes "All" the allegations sit on more shaky ground, but not a thing that makes any thing sound credible, at all. The redhead making her allegations from a piece of typed allegations and well coached appearance and mannerisms got blown out of the water byt the mouthpiece, herself: Gloria Allred. A mother and a stepson go on record as saying stuff that takes credibility away from accusers. So, Zachary, why do you now want to believe a bunch of stuff that no one will ever be able to prove, much less back up, with any credibility, when it is now so easy to see what is happening? I think egg is all over the faces of many from the Washington Post, the DNC and every RINO in the senate who wants Moore to step down. It's quite the statement that Moore's wife is backing her husband, and she isn't doing it like Hillary did with Bill in his little problem, years ago. Mrs. Moore is making the case because she knows her husband.