Amid all the clamor surrounding the Alabama US Senate race and, specifically, Judge Roy Moore, I have just two questions, both very serious, with profound implications.

What if the allegations about Moore are not true?
Does it really matter if they are true or not?

On the surface these seem ridiculous questions. Practically everyone else is hysterically, hyper-focusing on the polar-opposite question, “What if the allegations ARE true?”

What I see happening here is a man with a long career in public service being suddenly assailed by accusations of severe indiscretion (to say the least). These are matters which should not be taken lightly.

However, it appears that the “truth” is not being sought at all.
Instead, what we are witnessing are:
Knee-jerk reaction
Immediate condemnation in the face of unverifiable evidence
Conviction in the Court of Public Opinion

Frankly, I am appalled by the lack of intestinal fortitude on the part of the GOP. Whether they “like” Judge Moore’s brand of conservatism or not should not matter. The people of Alabama have the right to elect an arch-conservative if they so choose. Yet, the GOP as a whole has dropped him faster than a hot potato, on the pretext that “such behavior should not be allowed in the US Senate.” They have done this in the face of Moore’s denials, as vehement as the women’s charges. The GOP behavior is obviously a political coup, equally as obvious as nefarious moves so typical of the Left. How astounding that they are willing to capitulate and give Sessions' seat to a Democrat, on the basis of innuendo! In their minds, even that is better than a "God and Constitution man" in the GOP.

What we as conservatives need to ask ourselves is “who’s next?” And, what will be the standard of “disqualifying misconduct” for conservatives, going forward? I single out conservatives, because there is so obviously a double-standard in the political world. You can bet if a Democrat were being similarly accused, the similar flap would all be dismissed as a politically motivated attack (which in Moore’s case, it very likely is, given the highly-suspicious timing of the women coming forward.)

The implications of just laying down and dying, over the young adult Judge Moore’s “horrible admiration of sweet, young girls” are extremely serious. Why? Because if Moore is allowed to be destroyed by nothing (at this point) more than Allred-style accusations, unproven charges, unfounded rumors, then conservatism is absolutely, totally gone. For that matter, the cultural war is lost. If conservatives allow the Left to say anything they want, thoroughly unproven, to destroy the political career of any conservative, then we had might as well give up and go home.

The GOP wants to toss him because he signed a yearbook, for goodness’ sake? Have any of you ever made a silly move? Good grief. This would be utterly ridiculous….if it weren’t so perniciously prescient.