A Modest Proposal

Combating Internet threats by regulating computers and connectivity speeds.

With the rising threat of internet pornography, computer viruses, leaks of sensitive data, and other scourges, it is…

Many years ago, the height of connectivity was a 56k modem or, for those well-connected among us, a 144k ISDN line. We did not have to fear computer viruses, as we were forced to manually connect and then disconnect our dial-up modems from the Internet or walled-garden web services. The speed at which images downloaded over a dial-up line meant that most people opted for printed images for their pornography needs. Our financial, medical, credit, and other sensitive data were “hosted” in filing cabinets, rather than online. Finally, we did not have to worry about “fake news” on the internet (indeed, we had no way to differentiate real from fake).