A Case for the Nuclear Family
Christopher W.R Thurman
(13 November 2017)

Recently CNN posted a promotion on Twitter for their show This Is Life hosted by Lisa Ling.  This particular ad ran for 21 seconds, but its contents, I found troubling.  The promo starts off with Ms. Ling making this leading statement “At a certain point, you two realized that there was something missing in your relationship.”  The couple she was talking to were two married women.  Turns out to solve the “what’s missing” part of their relationship they invited a third woman in.  This they call a “throuple.”  I do not know if the original couple tried marriage counseling or anything else to work on their relationship before inviting a third woman in.  Or if they tried to communicate with each other about their problems.
The idea of a “throuple” was not surprising to me considering the world we live in today, where certain groups in our world work very hard to present things for shock value.  I do disagree with a “throuple.”  However, I also believe that what consenting adults do is their business as long as they are not violating anyone’s civil liberties.  The part of the promo that I found troubling was the fact there was a small child present.  Evidentially, these lesbian polygamists are raising this child.   Now, I have to wonder if this living arrangement is healthy for the child.
In the promo nothing is mentioned about the child; it’s just there.  The promo totally focuses on the three women and, to me, portrays them as seeking self-gratification in the name of a “marriage problem.”  I do not know when it airs or if it has aired as I have no plans to watch it.  I do not know what values or morals the child is being taught.  What I see from the promo is that these women are teaching that a “throuple” is okay and it will be implanted in the child’s mind that this is normal.
“Throuples” are not normal and in reality two parents of the same sex is still not normal, although accepted in our world now.  A three mom household, I feel, is putting the child at much greater risk of criticism and bullying.  I do fear that these women are increasing the odds of mental health issues for that child and almost guaranteeing a life of therapy.
I personally champion the traditional nuclear family.  That is a family consisting of a mother, father, and children.  The nuclear family has been in decline in the US for a while now.  Pew Research Center has shown that in 1960 73% of children lived with both parents verse 46% in 2013.  The decrease of the nuclear family is a result of divorce, out of wedlock child birth, an increase in same sex couples raising children and now the “throuple.”  According to author Edward Gibbons one of the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire was the breakdown of the traditional family. The family is the unit that individuals draw the most meaning from and a key component of a strong nation which the US is made of less than 50%.
Research has found that children raised in nuclear families live healthier lives.  These children tend to grow up in more stable, consistent environments, are better off economically, tend to be more confident about themselves, and more productive in their communities.  The Center for Disease Control, in a study from 2001-2007, found that the nuclear family is best for children as they were found to be in better health, have less learning disabilities or hyperactive disorders, have less illness, and have less emotional or behavioral issues.  Los Angeles Times columnist Jonah Goldberg cited in 2015 that both Princeton University and the Brooking Institution concur that “most scholars now agree that children raised by two biological parents…do better.”  Now is this to say that nuclear families do not have any dysfunction?  Of course not.  However, the overall consensus is that nuclear families do a better job of raising children along with keeping nations intact.