Precious Snowflakes Always Beat Up Tough Guys

Reality isn’t matching the rhetoric.

There isn’t a shortage of people who like to tweet about so-called precious snowflakes and how they crumble into non-functionality as soon as the slightest of difficulties come their way. Yet when push comes to shove (literally), it’s always the precious snowflakes who beat up the self-proclaimed tough guys.

Precious snowflakes rioted at the University of California, Berkeley this week. And in doing so, they successfully used illegal violence to stop speech they don’t like. But they also showed that the talk about who is weak and who is tough doesn’t match reality. And that’s kind of funny.

If you pay any attention to pop culture, you’re familiar with who social justice warriors are and how they’re at the tip of the spear in the culture wars. And SJWs are regularly (if not always) recognized as being part of the precious snowflake crowd.

Precious snowflakes, of course, are supposed to consist of those people who succumb to fainting spells when colleges announce they are required to study Shakespeare (“A symbol of the white patriarchy!”). They’re also supposed to be the people who need an entire week off work when a politician they didn’t support wins office (“I’m literally sick!”).

Meanwhile, the people who endlessly mock these precious snowflakes on social media simultaneously proclaim they are superior to them in every way. They tell us they can handle whatever life throws at them, and that they’re going to be the ones who survive and thrive in the long run while the snowflakes end up being unemployed and cowering in their parents’ basement.

Somehow, though, that’s not how life works out. Whenever there is a confrontation between the tough guys and the snowflakes, the snowflakes end up wiping the floor with the tough guys.

You see this in the violent confrontations like the riots at Berkeley this week. But you also see it in nonviolent cultural battles. That’s why every major American institution is now controlled by the snowflakes.

I’ve grown tired of all the people who claim they are tough guys even as these same people lose every battle—physical and otherwise—to the snowflakes they mock.

I don’t suggest going into the streets and beating up snowflakes. But I am saying that if precious snowflakes are constantly defeating you every time you encounter them, you might want to stop bragging about how weak they are and what a tough guy you are.

And you also might want to focus your energies on defeating them culturally. Make sure the law does everything it can to stop them from engaging in illegal violence. And make sure the law prosecutes them with extreme prejudice when prevention fails.

Because if you don’t, I’m going to continue laughing at you always getting beat up by the precious snowflakes you mock with your tough but empty talk.