Will Audiences Accept Pierce Brosnan’s Texas Accent in ‘The Son?’

New series set to debut on AMC in 2017.

AMC is promoting an upcoming series called, The Son, based on the novel by Philipp Meyer. And while it looks like it might have elements that could make it a hit, Pierce Brosnan’s Texas accent is going to be a point of discussion. Will audiences accept it or at least be able to overlook it?

Dark Horizons summarizes The Son as a story “which follows three generations of a Texas oil family and is based on Philipp Meyer’s acclaimed novel.” Pierce Brosnan portrays Eli, one of the main characters.

I haven’t read the book but the premise sounds as if it could make for an interesting story that audiences will enjoy if it is executed correctly. But part of proper execution means the audience has to find the characters—particularly the main characters—compelling and believable. If you haven’t watched the above trailer yet, do so now and see what you think about Brosnan’s Texas accent.

How did that sound? Is it believable? I don’t think it is. But does it matter?

There have been some bad accents in the history of Hollywood. Dick Van Dyke’s English accent in Mary Poppins is one of the historically bad ones. Kevin Costner’s English accent in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is another example. Yet both of those movies proved to be hits at the box office and Mary Poppins is now considered to be one of the all-time classic films.

So audiences are able to overlook bad accents if a movie or television series as a whole is good.

And that means they will be able to overlook Brosnan’s accent in The Son if they find the rest of the series enjoyable. Or maybe the accent won’t even be an issue. Maybe my opinion that it isn’t believable is a minority opinion.

There are a lot of things that can cause a TV series to succeed or fail. So how Pierce Brosnan talks won’t be the only factor that determines if viewers flock to The Son and make it a hit (or at least a success).

But the accent is definitely a distraction to me. And if it proves as distracting to other people that will be a fairly significant obstacle The Son has to overcome in order to stay on the air.

The Son is scheduled to begin airing on AMC in 2017.