Trump NASA Pick No Longer Wants 'Expansion Of Human Knowledge' To Be A NASA Objective

President Donald Trump has appointed Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) to lead NASA, America's preeminent scientific agency, tasked with exploring outer space and the Earth's atmosphere. (photo credit: Youtube)

President Donald Trump has appointed Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) to lead NASA, America's preeminent scientific agency, tasked with exploring outer space and the Earth's atmosphere.

There are a couple of issues with this appointment:

1) Mr. Bridenstine wants to strip “expansion of human knowledge” about space & Earth from NASA objectives according to the American Institute of Physics.

In the bill, Bridenstine proposes that NASA amend its institutional objectives, which would include eliminating current objectives for the “expansion of human knowledge of the Earth and of phenomena in the atmosphere and space” and the conduct of studies on “the utilization of aeronautical and space activities for peaceful and scientific purposes.”

2) Mr. Bridenstine is a pro-supernatural, anti-science, evangelical bigot who is against the reproductive rights women according to New Civil Rights Movement.

"Bridenstine is everything you'd expect of a Republican Congressman from Oklahoma. He's anti-gay, opposes same-sex marriage, opposes ObamaCare, opposes a woman's right to choose, denies climate change is real and even opposes supporting alternative energy, he "pals around" with far right wing extremists like Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, wants fetuses to have the same civil rights as people who have been born, wants a federal law banning same-sex marriage and thinks states should have the right to ban it."

3) While Mr. Bridenstine doesn't care much for science or education, he does care a lot about what people are doing behind closed doors. He is radically bigoted against the LGBT community and believes fetuses should have the same rights as people who've been born. The Oklahoma Congressman, unsurprisingly, is against comprehensive sex education in favor of abstinence only. He is against a woman's right to choose.

4) On top of all of this, Mr. Bridenstine is an extreme climate denier, who is even anti-renewable energy. The role of NASA chief is to be a non-partisan expert in science, the Congressman from Oklahoma fails overwhelmingly at this.

The Trump antiscience attitude is going to be seen in the future as having been a terible blow to USA.

And NASA will then become a non-essential agency, and will be dissolved. We will return to the 15th century

This isn’t a joke. This isn’t the onion. Elections have consequences, one of which is the growing contempt that regular people hold for trump voters. Contempt for a group of people who voted to “blow up the system.” Contempt for the cold blooded bastards who voted to kill healthcare for those in need. Contempt for those who voted to tear down the EPA. Utter contempt for those who voted Trump, whose “NASA Pick No Longer Wants 'Expansion Of Human Knowledge' To Be A NASA Objective”

This is another example of The First Idiot-in-Chief's idiocy! Who does he think that he is appeasing by appointing a total denier of science to a position that requires the diametric opposite! IMPEACHMENT to save the country from this band of dangerously brain dead fools!

He will destroy NASA just like Pruitt is destroying the environmental protection agency.

When you pick a Republican from When you pick a Republican from Oklahoma to lead an agency that is dependent on correct scientific information, you know what you’re getting.


The future? I see that right now.

Please give Congressman Bridenstine's formal education and work experience. I don't see much "work" as a Congressman.

if he is the result of the American school system then something needs to be overhauled entirely.

Knowing that Drumpf hates people, especially women, this appointment makes sense. As a private pilot who has great respect for Navy pilots, it makes me sad that someone with the intelligence and skill to become a Navy pilot apparently is imbued with hatred for women and, given he is against the expansion of knowledge, has little to no regard for humanity in general.


Utterly horrid. I still see the influence of Uberdouchenfurher Bannon and his deconstruction of the administrative state and the blooming of the Cabinet of Incompetents again. Folks designed to destroy their departments from within. Trump loves utter chaos and distractions to try to shake scrutiny and awareness of his Maladministrations plots and schemes. Not working. The Blue Wave of Justice is coming.


I'm interested in seeing what he's for, rather than the usual Trump bashing. Going back to the Moon seems like a worthy goal, IF Congress will find it. We'll see what happens with the new heavy booster and the Orion spacecraft. One successful flight down!

@davidmsmall - My impression is that private industry is gradually taking over the space race. If funded properly, we’d be much farther along in terms of total technology. The problem is short termism vs. long term view of NASA.

That said, this pick has an pre-enlightenment appreciation of the scientific method. You can’t understand science and reject evolution, climate change, the age of the universe. Just because he was in the air force doesn’t mean that he has the requisite skills for an agency devoted to the hard sciences, etc etc.

Everyone trump puts into a position is a failure, which is part of the reason he has fired so many or drove them to quit. It shows lack of character, ignorance of his position, lack of knowledge , and pandering to so-called friends and donors like that betsy devoss who is a rich idiot!

There is no future until we remove the whole Trump administration and vote out every right wing conservative extremist in november .

He's a cruel and ignorant little man.


The war on science is at its most threatening and abject when these key science agencies are deliberately undermined and placed in thrall to authoritarianism and a medieval theocratic agenda, specifically at NASA, NIH, FDA, EPA, Department of Energy, NSF.


First we need to vote all the republicans up for re-election out of office this fall, and replace them with democrats or progressives. Second, defeat all the republicans seeking office. A clean sweep will give us (sane humans) a veto-proof majority. Third, impeach trump and pence. The new Speaker of the House becomes president automatically. After that all trump's appointments are replaced with sane humans. Then, to prevent this from happening again, we get the new presidentand congress to create a Dept. of Science. They move all the scientific agencies, inc. NASA, NOAA, USGS, everything that is even remotely scientific in nature to it. THEN all those agencies get civil service hires, not appointees, as heads. After that there will be only one poitical appointee at the top of the Dept. of Science and he will not be able to replace the scientists with political hacks.