Stephen Hawking: Greed And Stupidity Are What Will End The Human Race

Physicist Stephen Hawking said pollution coupled with human greed and stupidity were the biggest threats to humanity.

Near the time of his death, the late Stephen Hawking remained convinced that the human race would require a “Planet B” if the species hoped to continued its existence.

Hawking believe that climate change would be humanity's extinction event.

"We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump's action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of two hundred and fifty degrees, and raining sulphuric acid," he told BBC News.


"Climate change is one of the great dangers we face, and it's one we can prevent if we act now."

The astrophysicist argued that humans were diminishing the Earth’s resources far faster than nature or technology could possibly replace them.

Hawking blamed human greed and stupidity for the impending climate disaster.

“We certainly have not become less greedy or less stupid,” Hawking told Larry King last year. The population has grown by half a billion since our last meeting [six years prior], with no end in sight. At this rate, it will be eleven billion by 2100."

Hawking took the view that humans were inherently destructive and selfish. He was skeptical of any human efforts to rein in climate changes.

"I fear evolution has inbuilt greed and aggression to the human genome. There is no sign of conflict lessening, and the development of militarised technology and weapons of mass destruction could make that disastrous.

Because of his views on human nature, Hawking saw interplanetary relocation as the only effective means for the species to survive.

"The best hope for the survival of the human race might be independent colonies in space."

My Parish priest, my aunt, my best friend's Dad, and a couple other acquaintances got Lou Gehrig's disease like Stephen Hawkings and the accumulation of wealth is meaningless when you have a terminal disease that debilitates you like Lou Gehrig's disease


We are all like leaves that fade away with time..Every single one of us will face trials and tribulations in life....The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ....There are only two things that are ETERNAL...God's WORD and YOUR SOUL!...For what does it profit a person to gain the whole world and in that process lose their very own SOUL? Life is what you make it and if you choose to reject God on Earth He will reject you in Heaven.

And you're not? The fact that you say he's the most stupid person in the world kind of classifies you as one of the same. And tell me, in your infinite wisdom, how is it that you deduced or concluded that Hawking is "the most stupid person in the world"? What evidence do you have to support your claim? What makes you such an authority on the intellectual capacity of other people? Are you smart? Are you able to make yourself survive for over 5 decades longer than any medical professional projects once diagnosed with a very rare and extremely advanced form of a disease that rapidly takes the lives of those it infects? Have you received a PhD in anything? Or received a PhD after being diagnosed with motor neuron disease (Lou Gherig's Disease)?

Confucius said,”Study your history and you may define your future.” "“In the age of imitation, many outwardly follow along with things and inwardly fail to clarify their minds. Even if they do great works, they are not ultimate. In general, it is the baseness and vulgarity of the people with whom they associate that makes them that way.

It is like the case of insects: if they gather on an ox, they do not fly more than a few paces; but if they stick to a swift horse, they can chase the wind and pursue the sun, simply because of the superiority of what they cleave to. So students should always chose carefully where they will stay, and always go with good people. Then eventually they can cut off error and bias, approach balance and right and hear true words.” – Zen Lessons, The Art of Leadership

I don't know how much of the bible you have read, but having read it quite extensively I can't buy it. In order to digest the whole thing, some questions must be asked. We have talking serpents, enough water to cover the entire Earth, although if all the snow and ice on Earth melted, it would raise sea level less than 500 feet. Then somehow a few men built a boat large enough to house two of every animal. Granted the men lived to be several hundred years old but it is still a huge undertaking. Then we find a woman turned into a pillar of salt (my mother-in-law could be the Guinea pig) and a man living inside a fish for three days. Don't forget the man slaying 1000 warriors with the jaw bone of an ass (I think Franklin Graham). Then we have sticks turning into snakes, food mysteriously appearing for forty years (why do 20,000 starve to death every day?), the Earth stopping its rotation for half a day. There was a talking donkey in there someplace. If you tease a bald man, god will send a bear or two to devour you. We have the dead rising (forget the MIL), water turning into wine, walking on water, and other feats of magic. Didn't even touch on the Earth only being 8,000 years old and humans coexisting with dinosaurs.

Don't get me wrong, there is wisdom and history in all ancient manuscripts. I like the proverbs. "Like a fine gold ring in the snout of a swine, so is a comely woman who lacketh discretion." As a guide for governments, it has proven to be ineffective at best and evil at worst. Slavery, genocide, wars, rape, and devastation is the only outcome of european christians colonizing any pristine land they found. Wherever religion has reigned, the people have been victimized. Any religion.


Confucius say, "Woman who fly upside down in airplane have crackup."

There's only one way to know if God really exists or not, and I do believe Mr. Hawkins knows the answer to that question by now.. The rest of us are just going to have to wait!!


Religion has nothing to do with any of this other than religious people who think that the earth does not matter because the 'afterlife' is coming and we will be leaving the earth behind. Great excuse to use and abuse the planet as we wish.

I was wondering why people keep talking about religion. What does that have to do with the article?



One simple question...what makes Hawking think that the same greed and self-centeredness he affirms at the center of the human condition will not be prevalent on “Planet B”? No, the answer is not found in some Global agreement on climate change...the answer is found in the Intelligent Designer, namely God, and His purpose for our lives in this life and the next- found in that ancient and amazing Book of all books - The Bible. All the answers to the big questions of life are found there. This is what I and millions of others (including highly respected scientists and thinkers on the same level as Hawking) have discovered. Just adding my perspective to the discussion. One more thing. Hyper-intelligence does not necessarily equal truth. In this case, I would submit that Hawking’s worldview forced him into conclusions that did not even allow for an alternative solution to mankind’s dilemma. Hawking is honest and hits the target regarding the problem...but misses the solution by light years.



He may be right about greed and stupidity....they seem to be common human traits. Proposing a planet B to colonize is stupid. If Mr Hawking has sounded the alarm that we are ralidly killing the planet by causing climate change, there will be no time to a) Find planet B and b) We will not have the technology in time to get there. He has also overestimated human ability to cause climate change. The Earth cares not about we humans and our fossil fuel emissions. It can cause global warming through forest fires and multiple volcanic eruptions. For an intelligent man, he has made some very stupid stamens.

Exactly the point.

Hawking is correct. On a separate related note religion is most of the problem. Graft and corruption are the others.

We must get over the idea of fictional dietys running our world to come save us, take responsibility for our finite resources on this planet and start owning and managing it like it is the last one we will ever share. Expanding into the solar system and cosmos is one way to overcome the super-finite resources of out tiny planet. Agreed we need to find the greed and stupidity genes and shut those down so we can cooperate to get it done.

Believing in A book that thrives on fear of retribution after death and that only points to itself as being factual with virtually no external proof is heinous flawed circular logic. Faith by its very definition is belief without proof. Since is the converse which requires proof for confirmation of hypothesis(belief). So in the face of proof these zealots run to circular logic based on falicy to criticize understanding and proof. There are way to many murders, pedophiles, homophobes, zenophobes hate mongers and racists that cling to a religious core quoting teachings of understanding, love one another and turn the other cheek... Then do exactly the opposite. The so called 'religous' people prostelitize at the top of their lungs at any cost and cannot see they are their own antichrist for all the engrained dogmas. Looking for divinity from an environment devoid of global human decency... Showing deities thinking imaginary friends and doing nothing I'm anticipation of some great rapture will never come and persist only to drive humanity to never innovate, continued division, starvation, war and ultimately Oblivion.


Show ANY proof or existence of a deity in the sky.

I believe in God, and I think He/She is the source of all life. Our problem as humans is that God gave us dominion over every other form of life, but we don't seem to have any respect for any of it. With the damage to the atmosphere that will occur during the Trump Regime Hawking may be right. Trump could be the guy to take us over the edge: he's that stupid.