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(Video) Women Explain Why They Voted For Trump

The women interview by Quartz media gave Trump a pass on past 'mistakes' which could be a term in reference to many things.

How you feeling now ladies? Think you made a mistake? Guess what, you screwed the whole country with your ignorance.



I get it. The sheer hopelessness in some of these areas made them more vulnerable to a snake oil salesman who promised them everything -- and will deliver nothing. I don't know his policies but I'm looking forward to the chaos. How dumb do you have to be to think like that? These woman sadly aren't going to win any awards for intellect because they didn't have the capacity to think it through and see that this wasn't your best hope. The woman you rejected was. And one year on this man has sown chaos around this country while producing nothing except the promise of a tax cut for people like him while lying to you and saying it's for people like you. And you'll buy it because you are too lazy to dig for the truth. It's not that difficult a dig either.


Ignorance is so destructive!

Our chLlenge


we believe these women are gullible, irrespective of their education. E

That naive