(Video) Trump Voter: "If Trump Had To Cheat To Get In, I'm OK With That"

"Trump supporters in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, cast much of the blame for his stumbles on the media, and remain steadfast in their belief that a Clinton administration would have been worse." (The Guardian)

"If Trump had to cheat to get in, I'm OK with that."

  • Trump voter in Northampton County, Pennsylvania (Courtesy of the Guardian)

yeah, well I'm not. It's called treason, you asshat


He missed that email.

Look closely.... this inbred loser, and about 30 Million more like him are too backwards, too wretched, too mentally lazy, and far too illiterate to realize just how badly they've been had, and they are convinced that 'winning at all costs' will fix the lives they've wasted sitting on their asses.... If Trump DID cheat, WHAT power in the Universe is going to prevent him from doing the same thing to YOU? You're a special kind of stupid.... did you know that?

Sadly, he represents America perfectly.

If only we could rid our country of these creatures when we finally get rid of trump....

Please, I live here. Do you represent your little burg perfectly? I think not. There are many cultured, civilized people here who despise Trump. Remember, Hilary Clinton received three million more votes.

I agree. Male entitlement view over women and minorities. They are so special aren't they? And so really, really stupid. Has he been in a closet for the last year that he can not tell how this has harmed America?

I just saw the latest episode of Homeland. The US Senator and his female assistant (who runs him) would rather cheat and hurt America than be patriots. In another use of cheating, a version of the Trickster Effect, in some areas of deliveration such as the political arena, to bend the truth and cut corners (cheating) is the means to reaching a goal. President Trump is a clever Trickster. See my blog about Trump, written BEFORE the election:

Hillary cheated for him, she lost mostly because she got caught cheating.

In reality-if there is such a thing- the media was responsible for Trump's win. From his pre- candidacy bid for notoriety with the "Birther" farce, CNN., MSNBC., carried this - had to be - Putin-orchestrated PR throughout his limp bid for the presidency. He suckered in millions of easily led gripers, who devoured his racist hate for Obama and helped spread it. But nothing compared to studio walls plastered from ceiling to floor with blow ups of Trump. Dozens of "analysts" argued for days over each tidbit fed to them about Obama's "Fake" birth certificate. The networks choked on it, and anyone with any sense either flipped channels and threw up. We're just waiting for his sneeze to become another "Breaking News."