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(Video) Trump Voter Fears Going Hungry Because Of His Budget Cuts

Trump voter fears going hungry because President Donald Trump's budget cuts decimate the social services that she requires in order to survive.

CBS reporter asks the woman, are you surprised by President Donald Trump's budget cuts?

Woman: Yeh, because I was under the under the influence that he was go'n to help us.

Clinton with all her baggage would still have been a much better choice than Trump. Sadly, those were the only two choices we had.


I know that if Bernie or Clinton would have made sure that she still had her meals on wheels


This is Social Darwinism at work.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. You voted for trump, you got punked. You allowed one man's hatred, envy and prejudice for another man to cloud your judgment. Programs put in place for people in need were slashed by the very person that you voted for, Now dearies, you must suffer the consequences of your actions. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That's kind of how I feel about healthcare premiums and the lack of entry level jobs in major cities. Oh you liked your plan so you wanted to keep your plan? How cute. Oh, you believed your premiums would go down $2700? Aren't you precious. I can't wait for all the people that refused to reform SS and Medicare to find out there never was any lock box and they're being paid by borrowed money that their children may not want to (or be able to) pay for. I'll probably squee with delight the way I do at all the Venezuelans that thought Socialism would solve their inequality problems. I'm with you, dumb peoples' pain makes me feel superior, why can't they all be smart, like us.

The sad part about it is, most of them would rather die hungry, and homeless than to vote for a black man, a Democrat or a woman

a lot of this is due in part from Calvinistic philosophy.. the idea fhaf your spiritual self-worth is linked with the job you do for an honest day's wages. many rural conservatives pride themselves on being able to live life simply without the d


.. frills of city life. they dont trust intellectuals or city-dwellers and therefore dont listen to our ideologies. their america is very different than the one of technocrats, futurists, and multi-racial families.

I know this will sound cruel, but from the looks of her, she could miss a few meals and it might do her some good.