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(Video) Roy Moore: Children Died At Sandy Hook Because God Was Angry

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore blamed the murders at Sandy Hook on an angry God. (photo credit: Youtube)

CNN's K-File found a video of the candidate publicly proclaiming this inside of a Church in Alabama.

Oy vey iz mir! The children murdered at Sandy Hook died because a stupid mother let her crazy son get his hands on the firearms best suited to carrying out mass shooting. The Very Christian Branch Davidians at Waco died because they killed some ATF officers who had come to take away their weapons and some dummy did not think the pyrotechnic tear gas shells they fired into the compound would burn the place down.


I had always thought that Christians believed in a loving God. Which one is it? When it is about Trump he shows his love but when children are at school, just being children, he is an angry God. Angry about what? If he is angry about abortion then why not strike the abortion doctors down? If he is angry about gays why not smite them. Did he let Hitler kill 6 million Jews because he was angry about Naziism? God does indeed work in mysterious ways.


This liar is no christian...

I'm all-powerful. I'm angry. I think I'll kill some children. That kinda makes God an asshole.

If that is really how "god" works, I'll hang my hat with "Old Nick!"

God doesnt kill people.. he simply removes their spirit from their body..

A loving God huh? Where the hell was he during the holocaust?

If that isn't the dumbest thing. Evil lurks in the heart of men and that is what happened at Sandy Hook and everywhere else that something of that nature happened. The person who killed those children had no God in him anywhere.

According to this asshole, God murdered little children because he is angry?!!! If that is the sickest delusion imaginable. Why didn't God smite YOU, Loser Moore.

This shithole shouldn't even be allowed in the Senate. He flagrantly disobeyed the law of the land because it didn't fit with his bigoted, hateful views. Listening to him is like listening to Hitler's son if had one.